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Head of «Turetsky Choir» Michael Turetsky celebrated age daughter Sarina

She said it with friends and loved boyfriend.

November 23 People’s Artist of Russia’s daughter, founder and leader of the famous art group “Turetsky Choir” and «SOPRANO Turetsky», Sarina Turetskaya celebrated its age.

Honoring the birthday girl on the evening of November 23 VinoGrad Restaurant & Bar.

Sarina appeared before the guests in a dress by Nina Ricci.

By choosing gifts stellar family came very creative, spokesman for the Turetsky. Father gave a musical gift in the form of performance art group of female «SOPRANO Turetsky», and my mother gave her daughter a long-awaited pet – yorkshire terrier, which immediately named Gray.

From the birthday of a loved one get the original portrait of Sarina, composed of hundreds of photos depicting vivid moments of life.


Honoring the birthday girl on the evening of November 23

Another memorable gift she received from his uncle – a stylish photo album hand-made, and younger sisters have prepared a musical number, which was successfully performed at the gala dinner. At the request of Sarina, among those invited were just close friends.

Guests were entertained by dancers, DJ and a flash mob in the performance of staff.

By the way, all the Turetsky  four children, all daughters.