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"I am ready for everything that the peoples of Russia and Ukraine reconcile"-Mikhail Turkish

The founder of the art group "Choir of Turkish" and SOPRANO Michael of Turkey, who together with his musicians will perform on the square of Nakhimov, told journalists about today's repertoire, how Sevastopol and Crimea have changed and how the Germans cried, When the choir sang the songs of victory in Berlin.

-What to expect Sevastopol from the performance?

"We came to have a great holiday here. We are a Turkish choir, we are a Turkish SOPRANO (this is our women's group), but we are not just us. There are also many other artists, our brothers in the shop. And today we want to mark this incredible spring, the beginning of good weather, powerful mood, the powerful rise of the Crimean peninsula, which we observe. And, of course, this is all in tune with the trends in which we exist. And they are: Crimea-the territory of love, Crimea needs that people came here to relax and feel incredibly good.

And Crimea is our all today. We dream that in Crimea there were many tourists, there was a mad infrastructure, was "Tavrida" already rather, already rather a bridge, places where it is possible spiritually and emotionally to rest. I am sure that will be put into operation for several years the opera and Ballet Theatre, concert hall, cinemas. Slums residential quarters in Sevastopol, Yalta and in other cities, squares, boulevards. Everything looks great. There is optimism and there is a good mood.

So we came to support it as a wave-a wave of good mood. And a wave of confidence in the future. We all care where we will live, rest.

I want not only Russians to rest in Crimea. To be prestigious even from America here to come and have a rest. And Crimea must show something. I think that within 5-10 years we will have a supermesto for rest and happiness.

-Last time you came and performed with your daughters. This time it's going to be a family event, too?

-This time my daughters from the educational process could not jump out. I had a family scandal. I told my wife I wanted to take a daughters. She: "Well, again five days to pass, only there acted, there acted. There's a weekend, and it's a weekday. I will not let go. " Therefore for daughters will sing SOPRANO Turkish. And so I, of course, messes the family. I have powerful resources-the Turkish sisters-is such a new brand. One 12, another 8 years, and together they are very cool sing.

"What will you perform today?"

-we have a format that we call the song "Folk Karaoke". We have done 50 holidays in the country, and not only in Russia: in Kazakhstan, in Belarus, in the allied countries. It is a scene, sound, light, screen, scenery, and tens of thousands of people come to the square and sing along with us the favorite songs of four or five generations. Format Holiday song, by the way, invented together with the president, when Vladimir Vladimirovich and I once at a creative meeting sang four songs, he said-give four more. And he said that these songs should be sung with the people, because it is the spiritual and emotional revival of the country – when a huge number of people come to the square, they feel each other's shoulder. And when this human sea sounds together, it's an incredible happiness. Energy, scale, mood.

On Nakhimov Square We also performed a couple of times: once on May 9 we sang the songs of victory. By the way, songs of Victory have gone already to Berlin: we once on square Gendarmenmarkt last year have made.

This is an incredible event, nobody believed that we would be given such permission. On the square a kilometer from the Reichstag sing the song of victory

is an action of peace, friendship, fight against terrorism, xenophobia, fascism, and Germans are our new partners. And we are engaged in a dialogue at the level of culture, when both political and economic levels have difficulties.

We are now, for example, going to America, where the square opposite the Statue of Liberty is also making a huge holiday. They do not want us to call this "Song of Victory", we were looking for compromises, offered "Allied songs", agreed on Unity sounds-songs that unite all.

They promise us veterans of the Second World War, a large American pool, we will be supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government of Moscow, the Ministry of Culture. We are making a huge holiday at the UN. And it's all opposite the Statue of Liberty in Battery Park.

What is the main thing for me? So people along. And today we will begin, of course, with the "Sevastopol Waltz". "Hope, my compass is earthly." Everyone will sing. "With you forever" we have a song.

It is about the main values: about Motherland, friendship, family, children. and beloved woman, of course! One forever is about the monogamous of love. Men with this sometimes can not agree, but women dream of having to love once. And we are going to meet you, eat with you and for ever!

-Did you have time to walk on Sevastopol? Has the city changed since your last visit?

"You know, the purity is incredible. The facades of the buildings are changing, great work is felt. In general, all over the Crimea is a colossal work. Here "Tavrida"-it is generally megaproject, on which it is necessary to pray, that is faster. Understandably, the bridge that connects the hearts. And people, when they see the bridge, it is much easier for them to decide on a trip here by car. And when the train goes on the bridge-it will be super. Of course, Crimea is now under the close attention of the President, and people here are doing a lot to make the responsibility, which Russia took on, had a great sense. Take responsibility, hold the punch.

-Specify when the concert in America will be?

is a historical marathon that we have been continuing since 2017, when we had a concert in Berlin. This initiative is moving forward. Will be Paris, will be Vienna, Ljubljana, Tel Aviv and New York. And again there will be Berlin. All this in May-a spoon for dinner. Just may holidays, Victory Day. This is a historical marathon, as "Immortal Regiment", probably, because we have picked up the best songs related to the victory in the Great Patriotic War and around this theme.

For example, when we arrived in Berlin, we sang "Katusha" in German, because there were Germans. And they are the truth with tears in their eyes saying that after such a war we have not lost a relationship-it is colossal. Indeed the world has turned over.

-Mikhail Borisovich, you are not the first time in Sevastopol. Are you still allowed to Ukraine or not?

-You know, we had a case a couple of years ago, when there was an event called "75 years Babi Yar." We arrived, no one was detained, we were greeted as relatives. We have an audience there. Policy, and the public loves us. I wanted to make a concert a couple of years ago in the Odessa Opera House, said: "We do not recommend you, because the concert will go under the stall. People will come and start picketing. " Therefore, we do not take such steps, although we are sad, because the relationship is ruined. What can an artist do? I am ready to make the Slavic peoples of Russia and Ukraine reconcile. This is a very sore question for me. I want friendship and peace. This is very important to us all.