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The Venetians greeted by standing ovations, "Turetsky choir" at the Teatro La Fenice

The Venetian audience gave standing ovations Russian "Turetsky choir", presenting in Teatro La Fenice a two-hour show, held under the slogan "from Russia with love". Concert completed the first day since Monday in Italy the week in Moscow.

The team performed several dozen songs in various genres, from folk to classical music. He conducted and supervised the unchallenged leader and founder of the concert choir of Michael Turetsky. The male choir composition sometimes join the female trio from the band "Soprano", while a separate place in the programme was given to the statement made by the Turkish daughter Emmanuelle.

"This is a first for us to experience the concert before the General Italian public that does not understand a Russian mentality, nor our language. And the first pancake komom turned out, said in an interview with TASS NEWS AGENCY Mikhail Turkish. -I have been told that this is the first time that the Russian artist people never left. "

Turkish stressed that he and his team "are not ashamed to represent here Moscow and Russia", but also noted that many Italians seeing Russia with such a party, "sometimes reflect on the appropriateness of the sanctions." "I got the inspiration today, because on the one hand it's a terrific room filled with people, but on the other hand, I personally always wanted to go out on an audience that does not understand Russian," said Team Manager

Source Of TASS