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"Choir of Turkish" performed in Samara with a festive concert

The 10 voices that conquered the world are on one stage. Especially for cute ladies. In the regional center with a festive concert in honor of the upcoming International Women's Day was made by "Turkish choir". For a quarter of a century art-group got the status of record popularity and musical phenomenon of XIX century. Before the show, the founder of the legendary team, producer Mikhail Turkish told our film crew about the secrets of personal success and what, in his view, changed in Samara.

Famous opera arias, cult songs of the XX Century, Italian classics and rock hits. "Turkish choir" invariably indulges the audience with musical abundance, artistry and live performance. Not only a capella, but even without a microphone. Such voices sound in any hall.

Many soloists, choirs have come to him in the youth. Now all of them are not just a family team. For 28 years The art-group has given 7000 concerts in different countries of the world and has overcome the mark in 8 million kilometers of the way. Only last year the team moved 140 flights.

"And this is the cosmos that gives energy. And our function is to change the space around us for the better. That is, the spiritual and emotional revival of Russia is a task where we can make our humble contribution and enter this way into history, "said Mikhail Turkish.

The founder of the choir sees the secrets of his personal success and charisma in excellent genetics-father-veteran walked from Berlin to Moscow and lived 97 years. And the fact that once Michael Turkish himself entered the right door-music-and constantly studied.

"It was straight mine! I have since a year and 2 months already songs purred, and in 3-4 years normally intoniroval, not understanding even sense of words. That is, I got to where I had the road is not contraindicated, but on the contrary, is shown, "-says M. Turkish.

In Samara Choir arrives not the first time. But this year the city surprised the founder of the team.

"I always lacked the quality of some, lacked the face of the city, modernization, gloss. Now I can say that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, the frontiers are planned. The embankment appeared and finally the road! I came — for the first time in the history of my relationship with the city — from Ulyanovsk to Samara on the normal road! Thanks for the work, friends! There is a change, there is potential, and Russia is on the rise, we need to look optimistic. No uncle will come and change our lives for the better. You have to start with yourself! "– Mikhail Turkish is convinced.

There is always, where to grow, I am sure Turkish. He does not deny that he will once engage in the promotion of children's music collective. And in the next creative plans of ten soloists-to address in the UN General Assembly-for 1, 5 thousand famous people of World policy, and also to set a scene directly opposite to a statue of freedom and to sing songs which unite peoples.


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