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In Petersburg for romance: Michael Turkish fell in love with a young actress

Vocal fans of the team are in for a surprise-new music video for the song "Know you". Komsomolskaya Pravda went on the set and looked to artists

«Turetsky Choir» has existed for 26 years and long ago won a special place in the Music Scene. Artists sing live more than ten languages, including a cappella. But there are many clips from this unique band? Alas, but for such a long time they have released only one-for the song "with you forever". He was released last year, on the eve of the anniversary of the band. Filmed the clip in record time-just 6:00. And this project immediately commented on viewers: "Turetsky choir» was awarded «Ru TV»! Now Mikhail offered to make another dramatization of the famous song.

The story told in the clip, is as old as the world. Solid man falls in love with a young beautiful girl. His life has long been established, and the hero is not expected this late feelings. He throws everything for love. But this story sad finale. Lovely lady turns temptress, which skillfully collects men's hearts. The role of the main character, of course, played Mikhail Turkish. Other fans of the young beauty played by singers of the ensemble.


All the shooting took place in St. Petersburg. Screenwriter and Director was Alexander Igudin. It has clips for Christina orbakaite, Tatyana Bulanova Valery Meladze, and other stars. Alexander Igudina Petersburg-hometown. Perhaps that is why music video Director decided to shoot the story about the last love in Northern the capital, far from the hustle and bustle. Drawbridges, white nights and beautiful architecture to madness-it seems that in St. Petersburg has all the romance.

A special story connected with the northern capital and Mikhail Turetsky. His father was a member of the blockade. First Turkish was in Leningrad in 5 years and all my heart fell in love with this city. Then there were the frequent student visits: Michael visited the northern capital while studying at Gnesinke. It is in Petersburg, Turetsky choir» once broke the record-collected 5 notices in Oktyabrskiy big concert hall!

"KP" caught the artist for trying.

-We work with costumes,-shared artist-images move beyond time and space: you may receive a modern hero, or maybe the hero from another century. In General, St. Petersburg is a city where viewers love us and waiting, he added with confidence-here even the walls will help us remove masterpiece.

The clip was filmed in an old mansion in the heart of the northern capital. At the beginning of the last century it was inhabited by German craftsmen. Time spared mansion, but still stayed in the Ballroom walls with moldings, large crystal chandeliers and floor-to-ceiling Windows. Director specially was looking for just such a textured seat.

-I have a hobby, "admitted Igudin-I collect vintage places in St. Petersburg.

Decorators have picked up suitable furniture and space it performs new colors. Everything you need to shoot the heroes in the POSH Interiors from different epochs.

Here's Michael Turkish comes in Hall-show costume Director. And there have long been work boils-remove the young obol'stitel'nicu in the open silver dress. Artist looks at the monitor and jokes: "well, everything is already in love with!"

The main character Director agreed with Mikhail Turkish. There were three candidates, two of whom are famous Petersburg actresses. Their names decided to leave in secret. As a result, the last love of the main character played by Catherine Spitz. ("Crew", "Christmas tree-5», «Poddubny)

-Catherine came to us more than others, said Alexander Igudin is just one variant, when the actress has the appearance of a "baby-face". And it underscores the difference in age between the protagonist-a young girl and a man.

What will end the last love of a hero? Learn by watching the clip. About KP project output will report further.

Source: KP.RU