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In Penza "Choir of Turkish" performed favorite songs of five generations of Russians

A wonderful gift made Penzencam to the day of Russia and the 355 anniversary of the regional center, inviting to perform at the festival one of the best collectives of the country-“Turkish choir”-Photo report. Art-Group has repeatedly given concerts in our city, having come with unchanged sold, and to listen free unique voices is a rare possibility.

The head of the “choir” Mikhail Turkish was in a great mood before the start of the concert.


“We brought you luxurious weather,” he said. — The city shines with beauty and purity, and we must fill its atmosphere with beautiful music. Together with the townspeople we will sing favorite songs of five generations. I will say “to us”, and the whole area will be grabbed “355”. We are waiting for the excitement of the audience, I’m sure it will.

Mikhail Borisovich also noted that often being in Penza, he noticed how the city was changing for the better, and thanked Penzencev for his work for the benefit of his native land. “This is patriotism,” he said. “And this is the trend of many Russian cities-for the power is not offensive.”

The concert was also visited by the Governor of Penza region Ivan Belozertsev.

“The choir of Turkish has won the love of spectators all over the world, and Penzjakov including,” he stressed. -So today on the Jubilee Square so many people who came to enjoy the skills of a great team.


And then the audience heard a two-hour concert-a program of truly folk songs. The musicians started with the songs “We Are Stray artists” and “How young We Were”, and then the “folk karaoke” came into being. People, including VIPs, along musicians when they performed songs of military years “three Tankmen”, “Smugljanku”, “Katusha”.

Heard Penzjaki songs of Soviet years, such as “the song of the disturbing youth,” the legendary Russian rock, as well as the famous composition, which was once performed by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe. Moreover, the great soprano was masterfully performed by tenor-Kontraltino Mikhail Kuznetsov. In that time surprised the audience with his voice and the owner of a unique bass-profundo Eugene Kulmis, whose grandmother, by the way, hails from Penza.


Together with the men’s team were also the soloist of another group of Michael the Turkish “Soprano”-they performed tango, romance and aria from the musical “Chicago”.

The fans took the place at the scene, but the rest of the audience was not on the bill. The singing of the artists was heard in the most remote corners of the square. With the visibility of the case was also good: The performance was broadcast on two large screens. The musicians finished the concert by the popular hit “Nadezhda” and the anthem of Russia. And then Penzjaki saw a festive salute.