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A "Turkish choir" concert was held in London

Mikhail Turk met with the Russian ambassador to the United Kingdom, Alexander Yakovenko, and discussed with him the possibilities of holding a show in London with the participation of his team

Art leader of the Russian musical groups "choir of Turkish" and Soprano, People's Artist of Russia Mikhail Turkish intends to make every possible effort to "melt the ice" through cultural cooperation of the current relationship between Russia and Britain. He said so in an interview with TASS correspondent before the "Turkish Choir" concert that took place on Friday night in the London concert Hall the Troxy.

"Art and culture is a tool designed to break these Atlantic ice, similar to the Arctic, and build bridges of understanding," said the producer, who also met on the day of the concert with the Russian ambassador to the United Kingdom Alexander Yakovenko and discussed with him the possibility of holding a large-scale show in London next year with the participation of the "Turkish Choir" and the Soprano.

This is the case of the British participants in the Arctic convoys, have in the USSR about half of all the Lendu-Lisa assistance in the years of the Second World War. "We want to show not common Russia, but a powerful, culture, voice, ideas, communication-The embassy supports us," said the musician. Another option is a musical show on one of the London squares that would be held in conjunction with the World Cup in Russia in 2018.

According to the Turkish, his choir is "one of the few singing groups from Russia who can conquer a non-Russian-speaking audience." "It's because in our repertoire we expression and musical classics, and the world's rock, and their synthesis." "We execute works written in Latin, Italian, English, French, German, and, of course, Russian languages," he explained to the producer.

London Concert and its background

Speaking of the London concert of the Turkish choir, his artistic leader noticed that this was the first time a team on the London scene was performing with his regular programme, although previously the choir had been on several occasions in the British capital, but most often in Activities of a private, closed nature. On the first occasion, the team visited the city on the banks of Thames in 1991, bringing with it a special programme of "Jewish Prayers and songs", and two years later repeated the same tour.

"Then the Jewish community of London very warmly accepted us and even called US Champions of Freedom (" Champions of Liberty ")-that's what our repertoire struck. In 2011, we participated in the Jubilee celebrations in honour of the 80th anniversary of Mikhail Gorbachev in the Royal Albert Hall, and then sang "Let My People go"-the main phrase from the famous American November 1963 gone down Moses-"Get, Moses") with a hint of That Mikhail Sergeyevich opened the borders and changed the world. In 2014, we were supposed to speak again at the Albert Hall, but we were not given the landing at the end, saying that the time for the concert was not correct: just before the Russian Federation was sanctioned, he told the producer.

"Songs of Victory"

Following a speech in London, the "Turkish choir" will return to Germany, where the team's performances were held before the British capital and several more concerts are scheduled. Turkey intends next spring to expand the "Victory song" project launched this year and to speak in several European capitals as part of the commemoration of the 73 anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. "I already have a number of meetings in Paris and Vienna," "Where I will also see the ambassadors of the RF because we have scheduled this action in 2018 in several cities, including Bratislava, Paris, Vienna, Belgrade, as well as Berlin and Prague," the artistic Choir leader.

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