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On the day of the NAVY "Turetsky choir» will hold folk karaoke

30 July 20:00 on Palace square on the day of the NAVY "Turetsky choir» will suit this Song." At one point one of the most beautiful squares of Russia would turn into the world's largest musical deck! Course in a positive and in a good mood. Admission is free.


In unison chorus with "Chorus of the Turkish" tens of thousands of people will sing favorite songs for generations. The best songs will be performed in Russia from a woman's face-art-Turkish gruppySOPRANO. Power engineering such holidays Songs forever, the scale is staggering. Draft charges with special energy, gives a sense of unity and cohesion, carries people joy, kindness and confidence.


"This is a song of love for the motherland, the family, the time in which we live and, of course, about our valiant fleet! St. Petersburg-the historical pride of the country. And it is a great honour for us to present the project in the heart of the northern capital. We are determined to make a unique holiday, "said Mikhail Turetsky, people's artist of Russia.


Traditional music project interactive with the audience in the cultural capital will expand its borders. For lovers of selfi will an action # VsegdaRjadom is active social network users will be able to see your photos in real-time on large screens at the Palace Square. This will be a good continuation of the series of festive fleshmobomov. Recently, "Turetsky choir» together with the pupils of the Nakhimov schools performed on the deck of the Cruiser" Aurora ", the unofficial anthem of St. Petersburg-song" the city on the Neva River "Freestyle. Performance at the "Aurora" with cadets became an original rehearsal before a big concert on Palace Square.


Song Festival will be held with the support of the Government of St.-Petersburg, Leningrad region Government, Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, under the auspices of the VI St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.  The event will be held in celebration of the 90-th anniversary of Leningrad region. General Partner-Sberbank.


In May of the year 2017 during the presidential priemaMihail Turkish invited Vladimir Putin to take part in the song festival in St. Petersburg and sing along with the people of the song "what begins motherland".


Also among the guests of the event are expected:

  • the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian FederaciiMatvienko V.i.
  • Governor. St. Petersburg, Georgy Poltavchenko. With.
  • Governor of Leningrad and oblastiDrozdenko. Yu.
  • ofitsery VMF.



Holiday songs-unique musical format, when the chorus together with the choir of Turkish, tens of thousands of people singing their favorite songs for generations. The project idea originated during a creative meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The President of the Russian Federation supported the holding of Festivals of songs in all the regions of Russia. For 2015-2017gg. Song Festival has been implemented in more than 35 cities of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, grossing over 2 500 000 people and tens of millions of viewers. In February 2017 year project was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Government.