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Sobyanin has awarded Turkish sign "for meritorious service"

Holders of the prestigious State Awards are 37 Muscovites: builders, industrialists, educators, entertainers. The capital's Mayor, Sergei Sobyanin handed all insignia in White Hall.

"All the laureates combine skills and talents in their professions and love for their hometown, said Sobyanin, welcoming guests in the White Hall. -I would like to say a special word of thanks to teachers, doctors and employees of industrial enterprises. You have proven that Moscow remains the industrial center of the country. "

Among the award recipients turned out to be one of the most prominent musicians of the world Michael Turkish. Artistic Director of the renowned choir admitted: insignia "for irreproachable service Moscow 25 years" became one of the most valuable. The artist arrived in White Hall straight from rehearsal-"Turetsky choir" is actively preparing for the tour.

"This award is for the whole team," said the musician. -We are proud that for us-great city ". Michael thanked the Turkish authorities for capital support and organizing overseas tour. Among them stands the recent Concert Choir of Turkish "in Berlin, which took place on the eve of victory day.

With orders "Parent glory" came out today from City Hall and Iljushik wife Fastovshhuk. The first of these families brought up four children, while the other 11. Among the many State Awards winners and prominent doctors.

For example, a medal "for merits before Fatherland" Mayor awarded the Deputy Director of the urban research center to combat tuberculosis Peter Sel'covskogo. The title of "honoured doctor of Moscow" was awarded specialist manual therapy clinic s.p. Botkin Yuri Savin.

Source: RG.RU