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Mikhail Turkish: "I hope that will be a contender for the SOPRANO part in" Eurovision "

Evening discoveries happened last Sunday. SOPRANO, "girlish" project of Mikhail Turetsky, I saw a large format concert show for the first time. Although the team has been working for 7 years, but watch it happen either in modular concerts or "insert" on the performances of "paternal Chorus Turkish. And impressions of the program "you are all that I need" unexpectedly exceeded expectations — and seen and heard. It was also revealed that the band have appeared large and light evromechta.


Former ironic skepticism muzsoobshhestva in address on Turkish, which many initially bantered for excessively rectilinear speculation already familiar to them (supposedly created, Dodger, female version of its Turkish male choir!) quite quickly gave way to a much more benevolent. Now, after a personal acquaintance with full submission, it became clear that meant American rap star Seal, even three years ago, recognized as the best SOPRANO women's group in the world.

If we talk about the common schema girlsband, tits-lips-legs-Cilia as required of commercial quality is, of course, everyone and here's to "selling" nature's still and perfect, well almost! — execution of all conceivable canons in jewelry cutting Maestro — really and virtually artifact. To well-established notions of textures "vizglivogo" female voice (Italian term soprano because it means "high-towering") was a contralto, mezzo-soprano, actually soprano (coloratura, lyric, dramatic) is a dreamer, an Aesthete and theorist Mr. Turkish added another and a whole range of "border" States: soprano and "fusion" and "the Sopranos", folk and rock, and jazz soprano ", and even" drive-soprano.

With the drive really everything was crazy, so to speak, is not a concert, and circus performance with musical and vocal balancing act. Here you stradal'cheskaja «Ptichen'ka», and «pilot sprightly Ivanov, and incendiary "Rio", and poignant Aria of magic Opera Dalila Saint-Saens, almost caused the spirit on the stage of the great Maria Callas. The musical drive in Hall reigned real candid Phantasmagoria: the live horse on trembling from horror legs in the manner of a Unicorn with huge butaforskimi wings, Dove sizokrylyj … Dove, however, missed and at the moment of sentimental climax villages instead of hand performer on the head of bass guitarist. Had to after the final scene peresnimat' …

Moreover, as stated by Mr. Turkish, girls in addition to female "may all men sing. Well except that Godunov's bass: "Grieving soul, some fear an involuntary".

If it's a rollicking Carnival-representation in such a "spectacular" (like availing soloist grouping "Leningrad") as not just a show in Moscow once, and by the example of any "Moulin Rouge" settle on postojanku in kafeshantan, it is not excluded that Las vegasy-brodvei-Sydney-seuly-Macau-Tokyo, etc. etc. pozelenev first from envy, stood immediately queued for a tour of this extraordinary show.

However, while Turkish ambitions extend to more modest but also international platform — the closest the Eurovision Song Contest. How is the undertaking, at what stage is who, and who is against how important "factor in this intrigue and other mysteries of the singer, composer, conductor, people's artist of Russia kindly agreed to privacy only with" ZD ".


-After watching a concert, I don't seem to understand why the idea with Eurovision.

-I looked, who spoke from Russia. After the "Buranovskie" grannies for a long time there was no women's group. About a year ago I realized that they are ready. We have a wonderful resource — and Repertory, and staged what was obviously now on the big concert in Moscow. I've already ordered the West song. After a week I will be shown the first trial. SOPRANO have because their way, they are not exactly show business.

-Now about Ukraine. It is clear that to shape "the Russian Ambassador in Kiev would feel passionately. But you seem to not showing signs of even the slightest excitement. This confidence is based on the knowledge of the real situation or simply intuition and gracious attitude?

-We have recently been on the big event in Kiev — 75 years developments in Babi Yar (the place of mass executions of civilians — Jews, Gypsies, Karaites — and prisoners of war near Kiev during Nazi occupation. — A.G.). First I hinted that Turetsky choir didn't want to let him in because we did on May 9 concert in Sevastopol. But then they probably studied this issue extensively and still took the decision to let Turetsky choir. And us very well met in Ukraine! Everywhere — and at customs, and at passport control and at the airport and at the hotel. But the main thing is in the Hall "Ukraine", when we entered, there was just some sort of furor. People are missing. Invite now to speak with a concert as part of our anniversary tour. The more that I wanted in the room which we will sing in English, add a few words in Russian and in Ukrainian language.

-Imagine that everything happened and you went to Kiev. After the last contest in Stockholm we suddenly came around, though still with Moscow Eurovision -2009 mixed voting system and jury, whose evaluation is often not something that did not coincide and diverge dramatically. To do this, and invented a system to balance fan and snobbish dropped. But we suddenly screams on "sharashkinoj Office" which, he said, "the unfortunate" us imperialist undeservedly Lazareva into third place, although for him voted the whole of Europe. " "The whole of Europe, for example, voted in the past, 2015 year Italians Il Volo, and on the amount of points taking into account the opinion of the jury, defeated Swede Mons. And sladkogolosye tenory "are" just all at the same trekljatoe in third place, having passed forward even Putin's blonde "Gagarin. But Italy is not kolotilas' in an epilepsy, shizofrenicheski looking for "accursed political motivation" and "heinous provocations". Silly victims agitprop we have, of course, that in the forehead that forehead is hard-nosed, as poles, and loose, like wool … But the system of "Eurovision" remains the same: the jury and viewers, whose views often do not match. Are you ready for all this katavasii? Or prolong a song about white Bull, if that?

-I do not know, but intuition tells me: what we can do creatively on stage will all to himself: and tendentious and malicious and aggressive, and loyal. If the Turetsky choir I created from my friends and we grew up together, were looking for their style, form what is called, made themselves when creating a SOPRANO I already had in mind a clear model of the generic vocal project and an opportunity to "sculpt" it from a very good "construction material".

And when you expect clarification with your evronamerenijami?

I think everything will be clear until January.

-Whether your ambitions to win?

-Must have! Must be victory! Probably, the audience psychologically easier to listen to one artist, but we let our song on the vote that it will appear very bright short personalized fragments and powerful as the Queen, but only the female vocal bundle. Only let us show himself!

-Would be a Chief would not looking! Good luck to you!

Arthur Gasparyan/MK.