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"Lucky that Medina drew attention to our team»

Mikhail Turkish State support for the arts

This year for the people's artist of Russia, founder and head of "Turkish" Choir was rich: the project "Holiday song" marked the Government's Prize for achievements in the field of culture for the year 2016, and on the eve of 9 May in the heart of Berlin, the team introduced the programme "Pesni Pobedy". Billboard.com spoke with Michael Turkish about innovation in the choral art, the importance of Government support and preparing statements on the day of Russia.

Billboard.com: "Chorus of the Turkish" on Gendarmenmarkt square is in the immediate vicinity of the Reichstag building, is certainly one of the most exciting, powerful, revolutionary projects. How do you manage it?

Turkish: Secret fortune, it seems to me, is that under certain circumstances, we believe in ourselves and that the impossible is possible. It was important for us to show his artistic and ideological essence — positive, peacekeeping, aimed at building on strengthening relations. In other words, we wanted to break the ice of mistrust and create a bridge of friendship.

In addition, this project is for me a matter of honor. My father went through the whole war, spent 900 days in the trenches, the breakout was part of the siege of Leningrad. The war finished in Berlin, on foot came to Moscow. And in 2008, during the celebration of his 95-year anniversary, I promised that I will sing the songs of victory on the central square in Berlin. He then said: "you will not." And here are nine years later. We somehow were lucky that Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Mueller is a man of a new format of thinking — gave his permission. Unfortunately, Dad didn't live to see this moment. But I'm sure he saw …

How would you formulate the main message, the ideological component of the programme "Pesni Pobedy"?

I am convinced that today Russia and Germany, the European Union, People's Republic of China and the United States of America must unite to save the fragile peace. Unite against fascism, terrorism, xenophobia, violence.

"Pesni Pobedy" Berlin sounded in open areas for large audiences?

The project "Song of victory" was born in Russia, a couple of years ago we created this special project specifically to celebrate 70 anniversary of victory and implemented it in Moscow at poklonnaya Gora, attracting about 150 thousand people. People are used to that kind of thematic concerts in the squares are traditionally held on the principle of "soup" team: one group performs one song, followed by another artist. And we combined the song into a single project with single concept, directing, with heating and the culmination and filed it in one breath.

An important detail is when the project is concentrated in the same hands, directing build easier. In "the chorus of the Turkish" and SOPRANO 19 we have vocalists, and we joined in this program all the bright, charismatic, talented songs on the theme of victory. This has included not only songs, but wartime and postwar, pre-war — they share the spirit of heroism, patriotism, strength of Russian arms.

At poklonnaya Gora, we saw how an entire area — tens of thousands of votes! -sing along with us. The folk project has received the support of the audience, which wants not just to listen but also participate. And cementing the song in the program became "buhenval_dskij nabat". The leitmotif song and partly the motto of the programme: "the people of the world, be alert to triple-save the world!"

Programme "Pesni Pobedy" definitely have to grow …

And in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Moscow City Government, and the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation appreciated the creative essence of our project, its peacekeeping and diplomatic filling. I see that desire to promote this project further there. Not so long ago we discussed with Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov the opportunity to bring "victory songs" in the year 2018 in the United States and to continue to develop the project, speaking every year in different countries. It's a message of peace and the world!

We with pleasure will participate in European capitals. Fortunately, we have a reliable partner is the Ministry of culture. I think luck is the fact that Vladimir Rostislavovich Medinsky turned his attention to our team and has entrusted us with the project "Song Festival" in celebration of the 300-anniversary of Omsk. And we did not disappoint! (smiles) holiday is successful, the central square of the city was filled up to the horizon, people sang and were charged on the positive.

This project was recently marked by the State Prize of the Russian Government.

"The holiday song"-the National Patriotic project on emotional-spiritual revival of Russia. This unique musical format — when tens of thousands of people sing favorite songs of several generations of the chorus along with the Chorus of the Turkish ". The idea of such holidays originated during the creative meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin. For the 2015-2017 years, we spent the holiday songs in 30 Russian cities and 15 cities of Kazakhstan, having collected more than two million viewers.

It is a priori not cheap, "costly" event.

To prepare and carry out such a program in an open area, where tens of thousands of people will gather on a grant basis, at their own expense is impossible. Because you need a stage, sound, light, production costs, decorations, screens, video, equipment, generator, rehearsal process that expenditure on arrival, security, accommodation, food. When you cannot sell tickets — someone has to pay. Therefore, we have partners. And I am very grateful to the Ministry of culture for his active assistance and support. So, after "Song Festival" in Omsk, the Minister noted that such events we create added value — in other words, per unit of invested public funds have a tremendous emotional lift large numbers of people.

Apparently, this is the case when the goal justifies the means.

Indeed, this is spiritually-educational function, patriotism, pride in their culture, convergence, loyalty, kindness to each other. When people sing, they are getting better. When a person sings in the human sea — he feels happy. I recently participated in a charity Marathon Runners. I have overcome the distance and realized when you're alone you wrong running. And then there's the crowd you bear is such a powerful climb!

And with popular karaoke is the same story. I go out and I feel like it "breathes" in unison, energy scale, the scale is staggering. I talked about this at the award ceremony in the Kremlin when President gave me the order of friendship. I said that our project "Holiday song" develops and I feel that we, I and my team-gun. Creative. I'm afraid of the word "political", but it definitely has to do with creative energy.

That's the power of Kazakhstan, for example, that lives there a huge number of people of different nationalities and they learned to loyal to each other. And on Muslim holiday Navruz come Christians, and eggs for Easter there paint together with the Muslims. Strength in unity. In Russia the same story. These holidays are designed to unite people from different social classes and ages, different levels of culture and education, different political and religious views.

The program "Chorus of the Turkish" not pure entertainment. As you build the repertuarnuju policy?

We often display the entire industry stands on to entertain the crowd. And this is done in the struggle for the rating. Despite this, we tried again and, so to say, to attach his musical education. We studied not in vain! I have the widest musical horizons, which began to emerge in the choral school named after Sveshnikov, then to conductor-choral faculty gnesins further postgraduate studies in symphonic dirizhirovanii. I always wanted to be a musician. Love the classics. As a student, I also loved thinking about prohibited speech is absorbed and skipped through the whole rock 50-80-IES and other non-classical direction.

This was before your male choir of the Moscow choral synagogue, which became the basis of a platform for "Turkish" Chorus?

Yes, back then I was a student of Gnesinka University. Already then I knew what the songs from world hits need to sing in Russia. Here, of course, is not only an educational function, but also our desire to surprise the audience — the Latin American music, French Chanson, American jazz. I felt that one classics I personally will get bored. And realized that, despite the fact that the classic is a huge ocean, choral art still have any restrictions, especially if we're talking about songs written for chorus for male choir. And in Opera at Opera artist, too, have limitations.

On the theory of Karl Marx is called professional idiocy when a person vytachivaet from one year to the same detail. This theory is close to me, and I am attracted to synthesis. In the choral art, there is the risk of withdrawing into one genre and run around in circles like a circus horse. So I went ahead and added rock, musical, operetta, chanson, folk, Estrada, classics and found their form, enriching our many specialty music.

Thus, you do not have restrictions on Repertory.

We climbed in all genres, and I'm not afraid of the word "even". So would say our critics — even "! Based on its internal code of honor classical musician, I always remember the principle "do no harm". Because the inner censor still exists, and I am relying on his musical education and experience. I can skip through any musical texture, analyze it, what it is, and put it on the shelves as a theorist and composer. A sense of proportion — to unite all of these ingredients to avoid, insipidity is based again on musical education.

So, we combine the "Requiem" by Giuseppe Verdi and the music of Rammstein, 21ST and 19th centuries in a single piece. And it gets social status, response, professional assessment. The combination of prayer and rock sounds very modern, with prayers and energy is saved, and it sounds through a modern pulsating beats of life that has Rammstein.

How do you manage to combine innovative music solutions and vested interest to develop "national karaoke" from?

Popular karaoke is another facet. Works at the junction of genres is our research and we, of course, even in open areas tried to give listeners something classical, educational injection. Several works, to show voice to demonstrate your level. That this was not just a presentation of folk collective, who will sing with you. Next formed the respect, credibility. And we're already choosing songs that feel it necessary to remind people to refresh their memory, give a certain impetus. Because many of these songs should move on to the younger generation.

What songs do you have in mind?

What our younger generation is touching? The works, which are aimed primarily at the top. Any ideas or ideologies they especially do not bear. There's good rhythms, nice music, but, as a rule, there's no "evergreens" who will go down in history. And we get it out these "best posts" and pass on to their children.

My middle daughter is now busy with Soviet, Russian song, its interest to songs performed by Evgeniya Martynova on verses by Andrei Dementiev. For example, the song "lebedinaya vernost", this category "0 +" because the children in the age of 7-9 is already clear what it's about. There are lots of cool hits, which many of us can sing, and after a couple of months forget and not remember. My child, for example, it's generally not necessary. And "lebedinaya vernost ' need, because this song produces some moral and ethical code.

You feel public support is not discretionary, but in a broader sense?

Despite the fact that innovative ideas are difficult to promote, develop, I feel that we understand and support. We know that in many respects will have to rely on themselves, but the presence of a reliable partner is of paramount importance.

Synergy is a concatenation of the energies. I can see how changing public policies at the highest level in the various spheres of culture: passes more theatrical festivals, touring, there is a growing interest in ballet, and music. The situation is changing in recent years. I am happy that we have with the Minister of culture Uladzimir Medical there is contact. I attribute this to the fact that Vladimir Rostislavovich also human innovation, the innovator. I treat it with great respect, because it is not official-partokrat, a man who doesn't care at all. I see that it works not for ticks and not seeking by all means to save the seat for fear of running into sharp corners and get into a disadvantageous position for themselves. The Minister is a man ready to take risks when the risk is justified.

Understanding and support from us and with the Department of culture of Moscow. We as sub-establishment are doing a lot of joint holidays. Recently, 9 may, within the framework of the concert sang together with the head of the Department Alyaksandr Kibovskim song, "Russians want war."

There is no doubt that on the day of Russia — June 12 — "Turkish" Choir concerts.

We will participate in the celebration on the red square in Moscow. And Eve, 11 June, will make a great program in Krasnoyarsk. A popular Karaoke in full, which I want to show the audience, with the support of the Ministry of culture, we will be presenting at the Palace Square in St. Petersburg on July 30 on the day of the Russian Navy. It will be a global celebration, we expect to collect in the order of 100 thousand people.