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"Pesni Pobedy" in Berlin. How it works

"Writing about music is that dance about architecture," said somehow, apparently in a fit of remorse, one music critic. However, the truth of this assertion is particularly clear once you see on stage led by Mikhail Borisovich Turkish groups "Turetsky choir" and "Soprano" who May 7, 2017, in the framework of the project "Song of victory" in the main square of Berlin Gendarmenmarkt.

But because this text-it is not about music.
… "Song Of Victory? In may, in Berlin, on the central square? "
That this happens, it seems, did not trust anyone. Even Mikhail Turkish, speaking during a press conference before the concert, that in life he had two dreams: to mark the centenary of his father, a veteran, reached Berlin, concert at the Kremlin Palace of congresses (alas, Papa Turkish died at 98-year life), and … "Pesni Pobedy" in Berlin.
Disbelief, however, does not mean non-doing.
After long negotiations with the Senate of the German capital, just a month before the expected date, permission was granted. And then began the most difficult. Anyone who has experienced the preparation of activities of this kind of critical mass, knows is the nerve cells, nerve cells and nerve cells again.
Security, equipment, organization, yes Finally, repertoire-Yes, "victory songs", but can repeat format would be, to put it mildly, not the smartest decision.
But here (of course, not to the definition of the repertoire) joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government of Moscow (Moscow Mayor Sergei sobyanin even sent on the day of the concert welcome letter to participants) and the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.
Describe the concert again, makes no sense. Participants in the bands of Turkish-professionals working at the global level (I figured it still in rehearsals, at which I was fortunate to attend).
So I will say only that, in addition to the "victory day", "Buhenval'dskogo", "TOCSIN Bell Katyusha (one couplet which, incidentally, was executed in German) and other Soviet songs dedicated to war-Gendarmenmarkt sounded and Opera Arias and songs by Queen, and block songs in Yiddish, and much more.
How many people attended the event (a true awareness of the importance of which, I am sure, still in the future)-at the moment of writing this text, the unknown: the entry was free, simply register on the website of the company kartina.tv (actually, and the BBC's new
 event), 20 000 people have received tickets, then registration ceased, but people were coming and going.
And sang. And danced. And cried. And laughed.
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And Yes, you just believe-when you see-next to you Gerry writes CMS (repent, podgljadel): "die Russen-das ist fantastisch", it really moves.
However, this is not the most important thing.
Artists collectives Turkish (and I've spent with them almost two whole days) descending from the stage, as one said, "we have for the first time." And hear this kind of stuff from people, iskolesivshih the whole world and (judging by how they work) for a long time everything about this world ponjavshih-think really and unconditionally sign.
P. s. Already departing the scene, Mikhail Borisovich Turkish glanced somewhere up in the sky and said: "Dad. I know you've all seen. "
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