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THE SONGS OF VICTORY: again in Berlin within the framework of the historic marathon

This will happen for the first time! Historical marathon of the songs of Victory. 8 countries, 5 generations and hundreds of kilometers on the way …

On May 6, on the Gendarmenmarkt Square within the framework of the historic marathon, a large-scale peacekeeping action of the Turkish Choir and SOPRANO "Songs of Victory" will take place.  Songs of peace, deed and love will be heard in the heart of Berlin. Beginning at 19.00, admission is free

(by invitation on the site https://biletkartina.tv/).

Note that the idea to expand the geography of the project and transform it into a historic marathon arose in the People's Artist of Russia and the head of the glorified groups of Mikhail Turetsky immediately after the May 7, 2017 action "Song of Victory" was held with great success in Berlin. Then, on one of Germany's oldest and most beautiful squares, was Franz Lehar's Country of Smiles, Sadko's aria from the Varangian Guest opera, the Jewish potpourri, Dark Night, Katyusha, The Blue Handkerchief. Thousands of spectators, not hiding their tears, listened to songs of the war years, as well as masterpieces of world classics. A special curtsey was the execution of "Katyusha" in German.

"It was an amazing action, and I'm very happy that we managed to make from it a powerful, friendly musical history in which the favorite songs of several generations were played. Songs that touch the soul and do not allow to forget, what price was given to the world. We are glad to come again to Berlin. Our project is cultural diplomacy. We must preserve this fragile world through music, "Maestro Turetsky said.

We emphasize that this year "Songs of Victory" will be held in 8 countries at once! Berlin became the equator of the historic marathon.

  • May 3 – in Paris
  • May 4 – in Ljubljana
  • May 5 – in Vienna
  • May 6 – in Berlin
  • May 8 – in Minsk
  • May 9 – in Moscow
  • May 10 – in Israel
  • 11 and 12 May – in New York


The project "Songs of Victory" was created in 2015 as part of the 70th anniversary of the Victory and was first held in Moscow on the Poklonnaya Hill, gathering 150,000 people. The project is aimed at the development of cultural ties, as well as the strengthening of friendship between the capitals of world states. This is an action against violence, war, and, of course, terrorism.

The project is presented by the Government of Moscow. The action is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture of Russia.  The partners of the project are JSC Russian Railways, KARTINA.TV, General Business Foundation, Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin.


CHORUS OF TURKISH – a musical phenomenon of the 21st century. A real Holiday of music, a charge of emotions and excellent mood! They are called record-holders of popularity: for 27 years more than 5000 exits to the scene and 4 500 000 km of the passed way. SOPRANO is a constellation of unique voices, a team that brings light and good, a rare tandem of beauty and talent, a female face of Russia and its peacekeeping message to the world. Collectives do not have repertoire boundaries – from world classics to invigorating rock, from pop to opera, from jazz to folk hits. Only live sound! Performers perform songs in more than 10 languages.