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Victory songs performed "Turetsky choir" on one of the central squares in Berlin

Pesni pobedy in Berlin! «Turetsky choir performs in the German capital. And for every Member of the band is not just a song. They sing them not only berlincam. But the memory of their relatives, who fought, came to Berlin or fell in battle with fascism — all soloists there are those whom they address these songs of the great victory …

1.5 km to the Reichstag building, kilometre up to the point where there was a German Chancellery. In 1945 year heavy street fighting went and here on the Gendarmenmarkt square. And after here probably already sounded and "Katyusha", and "smuglyanka". But have you ever heard these songs in German?

The leader of the choir Mikhail Turetsky said, this concert is a message of peace and peace. But for him personally, this is the promise of the father.

"Father of all four years fought and finished the war in Berlin. And for me it is a special honour and privilege. I give him 10 years ago, when he was still alive, he lived for almost 100 years, I later baby, I promised him: "Dad, ever in Berlin. He said: "you will not let that opportunity." I say "at the central square, preferably near the Reichstag, make a great holiday — a celebration of victory",-says the artistic director of the "Chorus of the Turkish" Michael Turkish.

Almost all soloists have their own reasons for being here. Vyacheslav Ivanov sings in memory of the great-grandfather, komdive 80-54th Infantry Division Army Alexander Ivanovich Ivanov, he was killed by a sniper bullet in the year prior to the victory. Pavel Berdnikov promised his grandfather and he reached Berlin, tell how the city has changed, that he took. This is a total Victory.

The audience, mostly representatives of the Russian community in Berlin are well known not only the song victory, but the pain and the hope and joy that they reflect.

I was born in the ghetto, and it amounted to, we don't know whether we will survive at all. But we are very happy that this is happening here, "said the woman.

"Dark night", "three tankman", "Russians want war", "hope" and, of course, "victory day". To get to the concert you can for free, simply print your ticket online. More than six thousand seats. Tickets flew in a couple of days.

That prompted the soul must go. Although all tomorrow at work. Yes, we from afar, 350 kilometres we travelled to go to this concert, "said the man.

To feel among all those who couldn't stand up at the first sounds of the song "buhenval_dskij nabat".

Source: 1tv.ru/Ivan Good