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Moor made a "Turkish choir" and gave Tjumencam Greetings from Yakusheva

Tyumen on the eve celebrated the 432 birthday. A concert in honor of the city's day was performed by the Turkish choir. Acting governor of Tyumen region Alexander Moor tried to sing together with the team, gave greetings from the minister Vladimir Yakusheva and compared Tyumen with the choir, reports the correspondent of

The whole evening two-hour Open Air Alexander Moor was among spectators in the company acting the head of Tyumen administration Ruslan Kuharuka, the vice-Governor of the region Sergey Sarycheva and the director of the concert-Theatrical association Julia Shakurskoj. Periodically the founder and producer of the team Michael Turkish made reverences in his direction ("The governor is with us!") and heaped Tyumen region.

The place where the VIP-guests were, was not fenced, so recognise moor townspeople several times for the concert did with him selfie and joint photos, someone photographed him from the crowd.

At the end of the speech, Mikhail Turkish announced, in his words, the favorite song of Sergey Sarycheva – "Blossoms of Raspberry" performed by Sophia Rotaru and Nikolai Baskov. The officials laughed amicably. Then the Turkish invited the acting governor to the stage to perform the song "Hope". In his speech, the moderator praised "our beloved mayor of Moscow" Sergei Sobyanin for the current course "successful, showing all the example" of the region. Spectators met this ovation, not letting him to talk.

After the speech acting the Governor conveyed greetings to Tjumencam from the former head of the region Vladimir Yakusheva. "He misses the Tyumen land very much, but unfortunately he could not come today," Moor said.

In the end he compared the inhabitants of Tyumen with the choir.  "We are working to make our city the best, the most beautiful, the most modern. A city where happy people live. We're doing it! And will be pan in the future. Why do you think? I know why. We have insanely talented people, who for many years, have been working as one concerted team – "Turkish choir" for many decades. And the choir of the city of Tyumen is 768 thousand insanely talented people who live on one positive wave: the wave of development and creation ",-the official has finished a celebratory speech.

"Turkish choir" has been singing for more than three years with the heads of Regions, which comes at the invitation of local authorities. In addition to the head of the Tyumen region, the governors of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev, the Krasnoyarsk region Viktor Tolokonsky (resigned on September 29, 2017 at his own will) and the Nizhny Novgorod region, Valery Shantsev, sang in the "Turkish Choir" ( He left the post on September 26, 2017 on his own request).

In 2017 the "choir of the Turkish" arranged the "Choir of Governors", which was attended by the heads of the regions of the North Caucasus Federal District. In the same year at the festive concert in honor of the 73 anniversary of the Tyumen region with the "Choir of Turkish" sang and then the governor of Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev.

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