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Mikhail Turkish offers to assist in the restoration of Alexandrov ensemble

The artist believes that a casting to find the real professionals.

The Tu-154 plane crash over Sochi crashed almost all the main ensemble alexandrova-64 human. Choir and Ballet were left bleeding. But, of course, such legendary ensemble, with a name that is known all over the world, needs to be restored.

Mikhail Turkish, Turkish leader of the choir could not stay away and offered its assistance in this difficult but necessary endeavor. My thoughts shared with the artist "the Komsomol Truth of Belarus", while on tour in Perm:

"Deep pain permeates the entire soul. and it still does not fit in the head. The scale of the tragedy will be a very long time to be realized. But in our the world fate reigns, and none of us is immune from unhappiness. Alexandrov ensemble was a national symbol of Russia. The team promoted the ideas of our country, its best musical manifestations and traditions. Was the face and pride of Russia, a message to the world. Certainly, it's a huge loss. We, the living, are responsible for the recovery team. You must hold the casting, look for these professionals, learn, remember and pass on to the next level. There is a global framework. And then the laborious rehearsal process-not less than 2 years. Alexandrov ensemble must live! This is the most important task. We have a great desire in such difficult times substitute its powerful creative man's shoulder and help recreate the team. More than a quarter of a century, "Turetsky choir" touts the value of choral art. We understand the creative concept. Therefore, for its part, is ready to provide all necessary assistance to sponsored ensemble continued to live and then need it Homeland, it should be the people, and it will be properly towards those who lost opportunities ".

Source: KP.RU