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Mikhail Turkish plans to create a new vocal team-children's choir

The head of "Turkish choir" and Soprano noted that in the near future there will be children's schools of choral art with training on the author's program


NEW YORK, May 16. Offset. Tassa Natalia Slavin/. Founder and head of the art group "Turkish Choir" and Soprano Mikhail Turkish plans to create a new team-children's choir. The people's artist of Russia told about it in an interview to the correspondent of TASS on the results of the world tour, dedicated to the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War and WWII.

"I think about the creation of the children's collective in earnest," Turkish noted. "There is not enough time for this, but in the near future there will be children's schools of choral art with training on our author's program".

At the same time, the creation of a mixed choir of male and female voices, he said, is not yet spoken, as the "Turkish Choir" and the women's team Soprano simultaneously and complement each other, and occupy independent niches in the field of vocal art.

"We are in balance: The teams are touring autonomously and with very few exceptions, I gather them together for a special event," artistic said. -We do not lose anything from such independent activity, because there are unique voices in the "Turkish Choir".

He gave an example of one of the soloists of the choir Mikhail Kuznetsova. "Male soprano, one in a million," Turkish stressed. -When Kuznetsov sings aria "The Queen of the Night", people do not even believe that it is a man. "

The musician believes that the teams created under his leadership can perform one of the most important tasks-to accustom listeners to high art and simultaneously to fight with popular music of low quality.

"That's exactly what our mission is-to give in a simple and accessible form distillation the best world hits,-he explained. -It is like an express course on education-painless and pleasant, without any "Gruzilova". At the same time, there are a few classics, a bit of rock opera, here and a fragment of the musical, and hits of pop music: such vaccination is useful even to the younger generation. "

The Secret of popularity

The secret of popularity of "Turkish choir" in the world the artistic director sees, first of all, in great teamwork and constant study, practice and rehearsals-difficult work outside of concerts, which creates visible lightness and harmony of sounding On stage. "It is necessary to admit that recently similar groups began to appear on the market, which try to act on our format, taking it for curve,-said Mikhail Turkish. -but there is a peculiarity in what? Most of the soloists, our backbone, have been singing in the "Turkish choir" for more than 27 years-ponder how sung and cohesive the body that works like a clock. "

"We have daily rehearsals for five to six hours, and when we touring, before each concert we have a rehearsal, a mandatory check. In addition, our soloists constantly attend classes of acting skills to stereotype in the image,-the musician said. -It is a colossal work, on the stage we put on 200%, anxious to ashes and rebel as a bird Phoenix for the love of the Spectator. Here is our main secret. "

Turkish also noted that all the soloists of the choir are more than 40 years old. "This is a childbearing age when a man can sailed, grow belly, and maybe, and vice versa, remain James Bond, a sex symbol. And here all have to keep in rod mittens,-told artistic. "It is a constant exercise of fitness, yoga, Nordic walking, visiting of various kinds of cosmetic services".

"After all, we stand on the stage and should be a model in terms of appearance. In addition, in our show is very important choreography-artists should be cool to move. Therefore, I regularly put everyone on the scale, and if there is a deviation from the norm, then the sanctions are in the case, "-he added.

"We have an unrealized ambition, and that's fine, it's what makes it move forward," the musician said. -Because if you think you've opened all the doors, you can say goodbye to the title of artist. It is a work, a service, a return to the last spectator who pays the most expensive-his love and time ".

Unity Songs International Project

From 3 to 12 May "Turkish choir" and art group Soprano carried out a large international project, visiting eight cities and performing with nine concerts dedicated to the 73 anniversary of the victory. During the Unity songs marathon in Paris, Ljubljana, Vienna, Berlin, Minsk, Moscow, in the Israeli city of Ashdod, in the UN General Assembly Hall and in New York in the open air, and completely free of charge, the musicians performed songs of the world's peoples, Arias from Operas, a medley of famous Jewish melodies and, of course, the most beloved by compatriots military songs-"Katyusha", "Dark Night", "Blue Handkerchief" and others. "Our project is called Unity songs-songs that Unite, that is, our music we tell everyone that we stand for peace, love, the Union of world capitals in the confrontation between war and terrorism,"-said the Turkish.

According to him, the participants of the concerts for ten days of the marathon were 6 million people-as residents of cities, where musicians performed, and those who listened to live songs in different media and on the Internet. "This year we set our own record-in 10 days we drove eight countries from Paris to New York. We were even nicknamed the music Embassy, because in reality this project unites, gives faith in the bright and peaceful future that we all want. And I am immensely pleased with the immense support of millions of people who have become participants in the marathon-we have summed up and reached the total figure of about 6 million people, this is an incredible team that gives us strength and inspiration to create further. "

The concerts, which the musicians gave in the framework of the world tour, according to Turkish, came as longtime fans of collectives, compatriots, and people in mixed marriages. "We speak different languages during the concerts. The main thing-people need an emotion, it is necessary to see what is happening in the hall, and our compatriots create the desired atmosphere. Then it becomes clear to foreigners what a victory means to us, "he believes.

The theme of the world-the main in diplomacy and music

According to the Turkish, the marathon dedicated to the victory is extremely important, because "every citizen of the planet Earth is simply obliged to remember that war, touched his country it remotely or not."

"With such turbulence, which is now observed in the world community, the theme of the world should be the top in the minds of people," he said. "We have to build bridges of friendship, and we artists do it through music. It is not necessary even to understand the meaning of each word in the song or to know the translation, the main thing is to feel the atmosphere and energy. "

"At our concerts, foreigners catch this and understand that, as they say, never ever (" to never happen again "-note. TASS)-we should never allow such <…>, "-he said. "At our concerts we are talking about the fact that Russia and America are two banks on one river, the river of the world, that today it is necessary to unite, that Russia, the European Union, Kazakhstan, Israel and the USA should become a single whole in order to preserve our fragile world. Through music, kindness, sincerity, spirituality, emotional ascent is easier to reach people than through a dry diplomatic language confession, "-said Mikhail Turkish.

He expressed special gratitude to the Government of Moscow, MFA and MINKULTU of Russia for supporting the project. "I hope we didn't disappoint," Turkish noted. "And next year we will continue to expand the geography of our project."

Great Patriotic as family history

Mikhail Turkish himself often tells his children about the war, about the price it has got to compatriots. "My parents-participants of WWII, have passed the whole war. Mother worked nurse in Jevakogospitale, the father-participant of a breakthrough of blockade of Leningrad, 900 days has spent in trenches, on foot has reached from Berlin to Moscow in 1945 ",-he reminded.

"They are incredible tempering people, very fond of life. And I think it is obligatory to share this with children, it is the history of our family, including the foundation of upbringing,-the musician believes. -The losses of our country amounted to more than 25 million people! Ponder what a terrible tragedy, a tragedy that has touched at least five generations, and we must cherish the memory and be thankful for the peaceful sky above our heads. "

"Turkish Choir" consists of 10 soloists who represent the whole palette of male singing voices. The band performs songs in more than 10 languages without a soundtrack and can replace the orchestra with their voices. Unique in the World Music team has an extraordinarily wide repertoire-from the World classics to rock, from pop music to opera, from jazz to folk hits.