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Michael Turkish on flight to Buryatia: half of artists left without clothes

Luggage of musicians left at Moscow airport

On August 4, the group "Turkish Choir" performed in Ulan-Ude. The concert of the performers was attended by several thousand spectators who completely filled the main square of the city.

But as the founder of art-group-Mikhail Turkish admitted, it was not easy to get to the capital of Buryatia and there were serious difficulties with costumes for the performance.

-It is not easy to fly here. We faced the fact that the luggage was not flown in half, and half of the artists were left without clothes. The company "Pobeda" flies only once a day, they left in Vnukovo our luggage. But I really liked that you can go shopping Ulan-Ude today and buy something decent to go on stage. You can buy a beautiful shirt, belt, trousers. Half of the guys in concert clothes, half in purchased here. Thank God our "Soprano"-we brought another and women's group, their beautiful red dresses flew completely and all props,-said Mikhail Turkish at a meeting with the media.

He also shared his impressions of last year's visit to Buryatia, noting that the residents met the team welcome. Many people came to the performance even with their children.

-We arrived a year ago in Buryatia and frankly did not expect that here will be so hospitable, such fresh air, good people, such beauty. And this amazing square was completely crammed with people, such a human sea to the horizon. We sang all the favorite songs of several generations, and the head of the Republic also-at first did not want to, and then came on stage and sang with us. I loved the people coming with the kids. And we decided to come again. When you come to the second time-it is a new program and always more people,-added Michael Turkish.

The singer noted that many people have already learned about Buryatia and not only in Russia. But to make life in the Republic more comfortable residents should become a single team and this helps such events.

-Life in Buryatia is changing, but it is necessary to work a lot, to unite. The republic is known not only in Moscow and Russia, but also in Europe. Buryatia becomes a cult and famous place-Lake Baikal, hunting. But the main wealth is people. There's a team here. No uncle will come-not the president, neither the governor, nor the head-we must unite together as a single group-shoulder to shoulder. And for that life was comfortable and prestigious at home-it is necessary to fight,-the artist underlined.