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Mikhail Turkish: We must return the trust between Russia and the West!

"Turkish choir" gave a series of concerts in 8 countries, having finished the tour in New York.

The famous "Turkish choir" has made an unprecedented action-traveled 8 countries of the World with concerts "Songs of Victory". It is in our difficult time when Russia as a victorious country is not ready to perceive. "AIF" talked with the head of the collectives "Choir of Turkish" and "Soprano" by People's Artist of Russia Mikhail Turkish about how they succeeded.

Thanks Sobyanin

Olga Shablinskaja, "AIF": Not so long ago "Turkish choir" returned from the world tour with "Songs of Victory". To perform today such repertoire abroad, especially in Germany and America… Brave you people!

Mikhail Turkish: Yes, we had a whole historical marathon-songs about peace, feat and love sounded from Paris to New York. Just a couple of days ago we came back from Brest, where they spoke on June 22, on such a memorable date. "Music Embassy"-that's how we were nicknamed! (smiling) Through music, kindness, sincerity, spirituality to people reach easier than through the dry language of diplomacy. With such turbulence, which is now observed in the world community, the theme of the world should be the top in the minds of people. We have to build bridges of friendship. And we, the artists, do it through music, continue the dialogue of the States at the level of culture.

The idea was born in 2015. -to the 70th anniversary of victory we have made Rimon "Songs of Victory" which have realized on May, 9th on the Poklonnaya Mountain, having collected 150 thousand. Viewers. We sang the best songs of war time, having finished the concert "Buhenvaldskim Toll" and the cult song "Victory Day". People cried and raised their hands to the sky, reigned an incredible atmosphere of unity. That's what we decided to carry on, creating a large-scale peacekeeping action "Songs of Victory". and held it in 2017. A kilometer from the Reichstag, in the heart of Berlin, on the central square of Gendarmenmarkt. Then no one believed it was possible. But there was a truly miraculous-Mayor City gave permission 3 weeks before the event!

A concert in Berlin is also a promise given to the father. Pope went through the war, was a participant in the breakthrough of the blockade of Leningrad, reached Berlin. And so I tell him on his 95-fly: "Papa, the songs of Victory are to be heard in the capital of Germany". To which he replied: "You will not be given!" 9 years have passed. The pope is gone, and the concerts in Berlin have taken place. Last year gathered 20 thousand. Man and 8 million watched us online. This year it was already under 30 thousand. -People knew and really waited for this concert for a year.

In 2018 The project has expanded its borders. "Songs of Victory" were played in Paris, Ljubljana, Vienna, Berlin, Minsk, Moscow, Tel Aviv, New York and Brest. This is a great contribution of the Government of Moscow and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. I am very glad that they believed in us and entrusted us with such a mission! The Repertoire of the project is, of course, the songs of the military years: the legendary Katusha, Smugljanka, Dark Night, "from the heroes of bygone times…"-and the World classics. Apotheosis each concert became a song uh. Kolmanovskogo and E. Yevtushenko "Do Russian Wars?"-we translated it into the languages of the countries where they performed. She is incredibly strong in meaning, touching the living… I am sure that now all of us-Russia, Germany, USA, Israel-should become partners in the struggle to preserve this fragile world, unite against violence, xenophobia and terrorism.

-and in America who came to your concert?

-Ukrainians, Hungarians, Poles, Americans. and our compatriots. There were veterans on both sides. Even the New York State senator, who read thanks to the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin for a sensational concert, came. It is not so easy to imagine Russian art. Or it should be lubok some, matryoshka-spoon-bear. Or it is necessary to surprise with vocals, translations, musical combinations, Russian songs, understandable in the west, a combination of classical and opera music. That is to guess! In the U.S., we opened a concert hit "New York, New York" (Loud singing, flinging hands). Spectators of such mnogogolosem and musical palette of men's voices were quite surprised. Even the guards-African Americans along US! And in Paris we came out with the famous song from the repertoire of Edith Piaf "Non, rien de rien". No microphones. All, they immediately saw that it is not plywood.

Recently, Vladimir Putin, the President of France and other leaders of the countries met at the forum. The main thought that sounded: now there is not enough trust between Russia and the West. We have to return the trust. And so if the team from Russia goes to the international stage, everything should be fair and high-quality. Sound-Lively, faces, costumes-beautiful, repertoire-otrulennyj, clear. Just like that. Then the trust arises and the spectators immediately opens the soul.

Wheat from the chaff

-The German authorities constantly apologize the world for what the fascists did. But some ordinary Germans told me: under Hitler their country was significant, not as now, when they obey the United States. 

-We do not climb in this story with Hitler. Even I, the man whose entire family suffered in the Holocaust, today does not feel that modern Germans are responsible for the mistakes of their ancestors. To blame them for fascism is unreasonable, unjust.

Here it is important to raise another theme. The Russian soldier could have destroyed Germany for what the Germans did to our people-in concentration camps, in burnt villages. For trying to raze the land of the city. But in the Russian Communists and Komsomol appeared more Christianity, than in those who have received excellent education in the homeland of Kant and Hegel. And it was right not to destroy, but to save. Therefore, the Germans today should carefully, with great reverence to treat Russia. And to appreciate the good mission of Salvation, the destruction of fascism within them, and not the sanction to impose. And everything is unfair…

Source: AMF