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Michael Turkish and Andrey Nikitin invented folk karaoke for Novgorod

Yesterday, February 20, "Turkish choir" performed in Veliky Novgorod. Before the concert the head of the famous musical group met with the students of the Regional College of Arts and told about the plans of cooperation with Novgorod.

Mikhail Turkish also shared some secrets of success: "Who was nobody, he became everything, that's how sometimes it happens. You have to feel your chance, friends, in this life and never miss it. " The musician noted that it is possible to reach the heights only thanks to excellent education. He himself studied 16 years to become a professional in his business.

After asking about how the choir leader created his team and led him to success, students asked a very predictable question-is it difficult to get into the musician in the team? The task is not easy, hinted Turkish. Now in the collective SOPRANO, which he began to collect 10 years ago, exactly as many participants. And these are the stars.

"They went through a big casting. I listened personally to 150 people and selected first 40, then 20, then 10. 7 of them, even 8 are now working in this team, "said Mikhail Turkish.

Nothing is impossible, the musician is sure. And, by the way, the vocal data of Novgorod, which were impromptu in this Hall performed for him a composition, liked. People's Artist of Russia invited all this summer to participate in the Novgorod "Song Festival". The idea that the residents of the region sing together with Turkish collectives, was born today during the meeting of the musician with the head of the region Andrei Nikitin. And her embody to life.

"Today we with the governor of the Novgorod region Andrei Nikitin agreed that in Veliky Novgorod in the summer there will be a big song festival. On the square we decided to collect the whole city, districts, make a special project-folk karaoke.

As the maestro has stated, Novgorod expect very refined "musical desserts", some of them have already sounded at the Novgorod concert. Yesterday also "53 News" published an interesting video, where the head of the region became the star of the number "Besame Mucho".

Let's add that before the performance Michael Turkish laid flowers to the memorial "eternal Fire of Glory".

Source: 53news.ru