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Concert of the art group "Turkish Choir" in the carpet

In celebration of the day of the city of carpet, which will take place on September 1 and 2, on August 23 at the stadium "track" in front of the Kovrovchanami art Group "Choir of Turkish". The governor of Vladimir Oblast made such a wonderful gift to the residents of the city.

The free concert of the famous team gathered about 9000 spectators. Welcoming the assembled, deputy governor for social policy Mikhail Pegs noted:

-We are very glad that the invitation of the Governor of "Turkish choir" to visit the city of carpets has finally been realized. Planned it long, in the spring. But the art group "Choir of Turkish" had a powerful tour of Europe, the U.K. states. It is a team that carries both Russian culture and Russian song around the world. We are very pleased that the Motodrome relay of the European Championship in bubble takes the "Turkish choir". I'm sure the drive will be no less.

The famous men's collective has been already in different places of Russia and the world. In the carpet "Turkish choir" for the first time.

Mikhail Turkish-Head of the art group "Choir of Turkish"

Despite the fact that never in your city did not act, constantly passing through it. I love Suzdal, I love Vladimir region, and I travel here with friends-tourists. From abroad we come here, there is something to see-it's a gold ring. Today I, to my delight, noticed: There were roads chic in the city, for the first time, finally, cheers! Then – facades of buildings, landscaping; The city is beautiful, clean! I am told that the head of the city (I think his name is Anatoly Vladimirovich) all the time says that he lacks cleanliness in the city. I say: That is why the city and clean! Because he thinks he's dirty. And I'll tell you that the city has finally shone, sparkled! It's noticeable. The city is big. The city feels the industrial power and some opportunities for a comfortable life. It has appeared, it is visible, the city big, a lot of transport, congestion has noticed – it means that there are interests at people, on city to move. I'm told there are no traffic jams in Dallas, Texas. I say – well yes, because everyone is in New York, all in Los Angeles. And when the traffic jams, it means that business activity is growing. In the city it feels. Therefore, the city is on the rise, the Vladimir region is in general now on the rise, and I believe that we need to keep up with this rise and hold it, because the country is on the rise, and the strength of the country-in the regions.

Communicating with Kovrovchanami, Mikhail Turkish stressed that in our city there is everything for Russia to be able to sleep quietly: in the carpet do machine guns and mattresses!

As part of the program "Folk karaoke" sounded a variety of songs, the program was creative, unusually bright. From the Italian opera classics to the immortal Russian rock, the popular songs of the 80s, the disco of the 90s and much more. The musicians along all the spectators. The shouts "Bravo" accompanied each song completion.

The concert of the Turkish Choir became a pleasant continuation of the European Championship in Bubble, which was held in the carpet. And as a logical continuation, for the first time musicians together with Kovrochanami performed the legendary song of A. Pahmutova "Our youth team". At this time the screens were shown the frames of the European Championship on bubble. It should be noted that earlier this song was not in the repertoire of the art group.

Svetlana Stepanov, deputy head of the city administration for Social Affairs, presented to the head of the art group A letter of thanks from the head of the city Anatoly Zotov, with all his heart thanking the artists for the wonderful concert.

Almost hour performance ended with the performance of the anthem of Russia. Unforgettable show at the stadium "track" in the carpet became for the city residents a bright gift in honor of the 240 anniversary of our favorite carpet.