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Turetsky choir arranged for krasnojarcev "holiday song"

Turetsky choir arranged for krasnojarcev this "song". At peace square in front of the large concert hall, thousands of spectators gathered to sing together with the artists favorite songs. This karaoke project celebrated the team carries on the country for several years, have visited about 30 cities. Its participants were hundreds of thousands of people in Russia and neighbouring countries. Even a list of the most popular songs with chorus performs all Turkish.

"An alternative to such songs as" Katyusha "," your honor "," Smuglyanka "," dark is the night "or" summer rain "Talkova, probably not. In Vladimir is very popular "vladimirskij tsentral", Tver, too. Depending on the situation. Here and now find out that song. – murmurs told artistic director group "Turetsky choir" Michael Turkish.