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"Turkish choir" sang with Muscovites of victory song at Belarusian railway station

The program of the evening included such songs as "Get Up, the country is huge" "Smuglyka", "Dark Night", "we will not stand for the price" and other
MOSCOW, May 9. /TASS/. "Smuglyka", "Dark Night", "We do not stand for the price", "Sevastopol Waltz", "Katusha", "Whether Russian wars", "Buchenwald Nabat" and other songs of Victory sounded on the square of Belorusskaya station in Moscow performed by "Chorus of Turkish", art-group " The soprano. "
"We are doing a colossal marathon, starting from Italy and ending with China. Yesterday we were in Budapest, tomorrow we will be in Prague. And today, on the day of Victory,-already in good tradition-here at the Belarusian railway station, "-said, opening the evening, founder and leader of the collectives, people's Artist of Russia Mikhail Turkish. According to him, the site was chosen not by chance. "My father went to the front from the Belarusian railway station on the first day of the war. And I wanted to make the project "Songs of Victory" here, on this square,-the artist shared. Horu favored the weather: before the concert a thunderstorm burst, but during the show from the sky did not fall a single drop. Spectators of different ages arrived during two hours of the concert, filling the entire square. The elders were actively singing to the artists, the youngest danced.

The program of the evening included the song "Get Up, the country is huge", sounded for the first time at the Belarusian railway station, Turkish stressed. "Ballad of Military pilots" artists sang in memory of the composer Eugenia Krytov, who died on the eve of the 86-th year of life. The final song of the concert-"Victory Day"-"Turkish choir" and Soprano performed in parallel with the broadcast of the festive salute on the Red Square.

Cultural diplomacy

Moscow Concert-The central point of the Tour "Songs of Victory: Unity Songs", which began on May 1 in Rome. After that the musicians performed in Paris, Washington, New York, Toronto, Warsaw and Budapest. After the Russian capital "Khor Turkish" and "soprano" will go to Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Qingdao, Beijing and Minsk. The teams will perform in 14 cities of 12 countries on two continents. Turkish Choir for the first time lucky project "Songs of Victory" in China. "There's a very grateful audience. They love it when they sing in their language. We will sing our songs, but in their language, "-Turkish has shared. "We are constantly changing the repertoire: Hungary-one repertoire, in Prague-a little different,-added artist. -We have a message of peace, kindness and love for each other. When turbulence in the political and economic spheres exists, it is possible to continue the dialogue at the art level. People's moods change instantly. "

Songs of victory

"Songs of Victory"-a project of the Government of Moscow, implemented with the support of MFA and Ministry of Culture. It was launched to the 70th anniversary of the victory in 2015. A public concert then took place on Pokgornaya Gora in Moscow. In 2016, "Turkish Choir" on May 9 made a program in Sevastopol, in 2017-in the square Genenmenmarkt in Berlin. Last year, in honor of the 73 anniversary of the victory, the musicians gave concerts in Russia, France, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Belarus, Israel and the USA. Source https://tass.ru/kultura/6417621 Partner of the Russian Railways Project General Partner of the Sberbank project