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Turkish Choir to hold musical marathon "Songs of Victory"

Paris-Ljubljana-Vienna-Berlin-Minsk-Moscow-Tel Aviv-New York… In ten days eight countries-this is the route of the musical marathon "Song of Victory", which will hold the choir of Turkish and SOPRANO. The marathon starts on May 3. The author of the project and the leader of the glorified collectives-Mikhail Turkish told about his program.


The song of Victory Project was launched in 2017. How did the idea of its creation originate?

Mikhail Turkish: In fact, the project appeared earlier. The first "Songs of Victory" took place in 2015 as part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary. It was a concert on the Poklonnaya Mountain on May 9-about 150 thousand people sang with us in a single impulse. And I came to this idea from my father-frontline, from a mother who worked as a nurse in a hospital. Dad went through the war and walked back from Berlin to Moscow. Always said that he is lucky: out of a hundred people who went to the front in the early days of the war, only three returned. The father is a participant in the breakthrough of the Leningrad blockade. Lived an incredibly long life-97 years. When we celebrated his 95 anniversary (it was in 2008), I told him: "Dad, I have a dream-to do a concert in Berlin." He says, "Nobody will let you do that." I continue: "In the central square, near the Reichstag, the songs of Victory are to be heard." And we did it! On May 7, 2017, in a kilometer from the Reichstag, songs about peace, feat and love were heard on the central square of Gendarmenmarkt. We passed all the agreements, got a personal permission mayor, set a huge scene, screens. Then we managed to collect more than 20 thousand people. People climbed even to the monuments, as the area was crammed to the disclaimer. Sounded and musical compliments: Lehar, Imre Kalman, Johann Strauss, Mozart, Rossini. Fragments of pop music from the repertoire of the group "Queen" Freddie Mercury. The special nod became Katusha in German. It was an action of peace, friendship, love. "Buhenvaldskij Alarm" became its central work. People listened to it standing, not hiding tears.

After the concert in Berlin did you realize that the geography of "victory songs" can be seriously expanded?

Mikhail Turkish: Yes. After 20 thousand spectators on Gendarmenmarkt and 8 million online views on the Internet it became clear that the project is worth developing-both as a historical memory, as a peacemaking action, and as a popular diplomacy. When there is such political turbulence in the world, the most sustainable bridge is culture. This bridge helps to keep the balance.

Does your project have state support in Russia?

Mikhail Turkish: Yes, and very serious. We are supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Our main partner here is the government of Moscow. Sergey Semenovich Sobyanin believes that in this way Moscow sends fluids of the world to other cities. And I am immensely glad that we have been given permission to move this action to Europe, Israel and even the United States of America. In January I flew along with the delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the UN. Attended a meeting of the Security Council. I was introduced to all of them. And we began to prepare in advance for realization of such project, to receive all necessary coordination at the higher bodies of local authority. In its essence it is a unique phenomenon in the current situation in the world community… The international name of our project is Unity songs ("Songs that Unite").

Change the name-was it a request from the American side?

Mikhail Turkish: No, it's us. Because we want to attract people of different generations, different nationalities. For example, for young people The Soviet songs may not be very clear. That's why we created the International Unity songs program. She, of course, "cemmented" famous songs about war, peace and love. But there are also hits in French, Italian, English. Special compliments from the Repertoire of Frank Sinatra and Broadway musicals. Through music we send message to New York, that despite the current tension, Russia and America-two banks on the same river. And this river is the river of the world.

Are there any problems with US visas already received?

Mikhail Turkish: Most of them assessed the situation with skepticism. They told me, "Don't waste your time here in Russia, you don't get US visas. Go to Kazakhstan, Belorussia, even Ukraine, there you will soon be given these visas. " But the miracle happened! This week we were at the American Embassy. There the staff opened the base and saw that the collective "Choir of Turkish" since 1990 81 times flew on tour to the United States of America and no threat represents. In general, they said that our visas are approved. It remains only in a couple of days to come for passports. That is, everything was decided in the shortest possible time. This is a real miracle!

What was the principle of the cities, on which the marathon will take place?

Mikhail Turkish: Well, Paris-understand why. We'll be there to sing Allied songs. Ljubljana advised us in our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as in Slovenia there were also Allied troops and in this country very reverently and thankfully belong to Russia. Vienna because "remembers Vienna, remember the Alps and the Danube…" We have only been to Budapest yet, maybe this city will open for us in 2019. Bratislava, I am sure, will accept us in 2019. I dream to go to Poland, but there are still difficulties with it.

In the posters of the concerts (all of them will be held on the squares) it is written: "Entrance is free". The cash component of this tour-it exists at least in some amount?

Mikhail Turkish: There is no cash component of "victory songs". And the host parties do not pay for anything.

I can unite tens of thousands of people to sing with us

Who assumes the costs?

Mikhail Turkish: The project represents the government of Moscow. It is a huge honor and at the same time a burden of responsibility.

Your choir has a "folk karaoke" format. Will it be used in the marathon program?

Mikhail Turkish: One of the highest principles of art is the principle of co-creation. People want to participate in our promotions. They want to dance in the square, sing with us. It is important to find the right music format, so that the audience is comfortable sing. We're doing it carefully. Besides, I am a symphony orchestra conductor in the main profession. and choirmaster. So it's all a match. I know at what point it is necessary to wave a hand for people to sing. I can unite tens of thousands of people to sing with us. And this is an incredible happiness.