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"Turkish choir" showed tough men's competition on the stage of "Slavianski Bazaar"

The concert of the art group "Choir of Turkish" took place within the framework of the Festival of Arts "Slavianski Bazaar" in the summer amphitheatre of Vitebsk on July 11, 2018.

The specifics of the program the head of the choir Mikhail Turkish designated as "only the best and time tested". After the majestic hymn "Silver Voices" the musicians offered a small classical block, which began with a medley of operettas Johann Strauss and Imre Kalman. Countertenor Vyacheslav Fresh and the owner of the rarest male soprano Mikhail Kuznetsov were responsible for the women's Parties.

On the Italian folk song of the beginning of XX century "The Soldier in Love" soloists of "Turkish choir". They calves to push each other with proscenium, which Mikhail Turkish noticed that his singers demonstrated fierce male competition for the heart of the Beautiful lady. In the room "Oh, Fortuna!" Carla Orff The participants of the art group, on the contrary, acted as a single front, performing this thing in unison.

Mikhail Turkish took over the function of entertainer and Massovika-entertainer. He vigilantly to ensure that the hall sang "Your Nobility", "Smugljanku" and "My address-the Soviet Union", and in "Besame Mucho" complicated the task, forcing the audience to move to Spanish. After the folk karaoke sounded especially harmonious as a result of his call to sing New York to envy, Mikhail Turkish noticed:

-Our people should be motivated by feats-and then everything is possible!

"We rode on three with Bells" Mikhail Turkish described as a popular Russian song, which was translated even into the language of the Congo. Under the "Song of the Golden Cupid" one of the soloists of the "Turkish Choir" with angel wings behind his back jumped into the hall, Oblomav the plastic edge of the scene, and began to perching on the knees of crazed spectators and make a selfie with them.

The culmination of the concert "Turkish Choir" was the performance of songs about Belarus – "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", "Carol" and "My Youth – Belarus". Touched warm reception Mikhail Turkish has listed all participants of the collective which are natives of Belarus, and also has reminded, that his parents have appeared in Minsk and Mogilev regions.

-Happiness, Belarus, health, prosperity and confidence in the future! He wished. -We are happy that the "Slavianski Bazaar" has started again.

The song "With You and Forever" prompted Mikhail Turkish to express confidence that Russia and Belarus will remain united forever. In addition, he found a special sign that the "Turkish choir" and "Slavianski Bazaar" are almost the same age. The final chord of the concert was another Belarusian song "I'll Lie Down".


Source: InterMedia