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The "Turkish choir" is planning to bring a "victory song" project to Europe and the United States in 2018.

The "Turkish choir" plans to expand the "Victory song" Project this year in the spring of 2018, and to speak in several European capitals as part of the commemoration of the 73 anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. Tus was told by the artistic head of the team, Mikhail Turkish.
"We want to extend the project to cities that have been linked in one way or another to victory, to bring it to Prague, Bratislava, Belgrade, Vienna, Paris." "Maybe we can even get to New York," he clarified, explaining that the process of obtaining permits and approvals was under way.
He said that expanding the geography of the collective had decided after the "Victory songs" had been very warmly met in Berlin, where the "Turkish choir" had appeared on 7 May in a central area. "It was an amazing action, and I'm very happy that we did it-a powerful, friendly musical story that featured a song of several generations about war, peace, feat." "And of course, we want this action to develop," he told the artist.
As the Turkish remarked, in every city the ensemble will adapt the program. It will find its place and all known songs-"Katyusha", "Dark Night", "I Rode from Berlin," "Smugljanka", "Goethe Alarm", "three tankers" and "and" to the local audience. "If we are talking about Belgrade, there will be a Yugoslav subject, and Vienna is a story," he explained.
On May 9, 2018, the collective plans to make a concert in Moscow, and certainly at the Belarusian railway station. "My mother came to the Belarusian station in 1940, her father saved her from death-all of her Jewish place was destroyed." They lived on Belarusian, I was born there, and I want the song of victory in Belarusian station to execute on 9 May, said the Turkish. He recalled that the Berlin concert was important to him as a tribute to family memory: "I promised my dad that I would make a holiday in Berlin in May." "He did not believe-and he ended the war in Berlin and returned to Moscow on foot."
The tour of the Turkish Choir is scheduled to end this time in New York on 12 May. "If the song of Victory is in America, it's going to be unbelievable," the artistic group confessed. He said that, despite the difficulties in inter-state relations between Russia and the United States, the "creative relations" of the two countries had always been warm. "We feel no difficulty." And sometimes an artist in one and a half or two hours can do more than politics. "If he does it sincerely, he even has more confidence in the public," he concluded the Turkish.
Source: Tass