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Turkish and Soprano Turkish Choir performed in Karaganda

On July 14, Turkish and Soprano Turkish choir performed in Karaganda! Read about the summer rain, hits and the public in the article novoetv.kz.

Turkish Choir returned to Karaganda with "song Festival" exactly in a year, but together with the art-group Soprano, which we have for the first time!

"Holiday" We have yin and yang. We have life for both men and women. Life-it can be male and female. And just men without a woman–it may not be bad, but the more fully-fledged man looks when next to him beautiful or clever, and ideally, because we men are now in a compromise between smart and beautiful, sometimes find such, which are both smart and Beautiful. And here they are both talented and educated, and very vocal, and very pretty, "-Mikhail Borisovich said about Soprano.

"The modern choir stopped singing on the notes. The modern choir is constantly moving on the stage. A modern choir is an actor. The modern choir is a combination of variety, rock, jazz, folklore, classics, opera, operetta and modern popular music. That is when any team in the world can unite all this in one concert program, it will turn into an art group, which, in general, is very difficult ",-Mikhail Turkish shared with journalists.


At the press conference, which was held before the concert, Mikhail Borisovich told about what had happened in the choir's life this year.

"We have created a new program. We had a historical marathon: We traveled the whole of Europe and America with the songs of victory. We have connected the world-famous songs connected with the world, with a feat, with war, which are known everywhere, on all Russian-speaking space and not only. We joined the world hits and went-to America, France to Belgium, Holland, Vienna, Berlin, Belarus, Israel-did a colossal program. Performed in the building of the UN General Assembly, performed in New York near the Statue of Liberty, performed in Berlin a kilometer from the Reichstag with songs of victory-it was a very big action. And it has become a good tradition for us to return to Kazakhstan-for us it is a very favorite place, where we are always waiting, we have a lot of fans here, "-said Mikhail Turkish.

The program, which was heard Karaganda, collected the favorite hits of five generations: this time, from the stage were songs for children.

To along people, they need to be motivated, Mikhail Borisovich believes. Even the famous song "Bésame Mucho" in Spanish can be sung by people who do not speak this language.

"We have a very talented people. When I say, for example, "Well, Karaganda, let's show the European capitals, or show New York, or world capitals, how to sing? And it is such energy! "-said Mikhail and added that everyone needs to find an approach.

There were 18 singers in Karaganda yesterday. Kazakhstan wanted to visit the daughter of Michael the Turkish-Emmanuel. The girl is now in Italy, but promised her father that this is the last time he went to Kazakhstan without her.

Karaganda in Mikhail Borisovich is associated with a song from the film "Spring on the River Street", which he hummed a few minutes before entering the stage.

"When we sang this famous song together with your President on the 50th anniversary of Kazakhstan's Magnitsky in Temirtau, I realized that metallurgy is the gods of labor, and everything depends on them, and it is for them that this holiday exists today," Mikhail Borisovich concluded.

Karaganda sang together with the choir and Soprano, and Mikhail Borisovich noted that they sing all present as one "living organism". Did not prevent the residents and the weather: all danced to the famous hits in the rain-who with an umbrella, and who without him. Then the guests of the city sang a symbolic and favorite song "Summer Rain".

In Karaganda, as Mikhail Borisovich noted, many fans of the Turkish choir, and after yesterday's concert many Hearts also conquered the girls-Soprano Turkish. After the final song people did not go away for a long time, and the most persistent waited for the musicians near the fences to express gratitude and make a photo for memory