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Mikhail Turk will present a new "Allied songs" programme in May 2018

The famous Russian musical group "the Turkish Choir" and the SOPRANO Art band will give a large concert of "Allied Songs" in May 2018, in Paris. This was explained in the TASS interview by the artistic leader of the Russian folk artist, Mikhail Turk.

He said that he had discussed the initiative in meetings in the French capital. "The idea of such a concert was fully supported by the Russian ambassador in Paris, Alexei bags," the artist said. "We have no doubt that it will find a response in the city of Paris and among our many French friends," he said.

Last year the project was successfully held in Berlin and generated a great deal of social resonance. "In our concert plans, expand the geography of the project in 2018." "I think 2-3 may be speaking in Paris," added Turkish.


"Our countries fought the common enemy in the years of the Second World War." The legendary regiment "Normandy-Neman", formed at the initiative of Charles de Gaulle, fought alongside the Soviet soldiers against the's troops, recalled the Turkish. "General de Gaulle saw the French ally in Russia in the fight against the Nazi occupier."


He noted that "the peoples of Russia and France have always had mutual sympathies". "Our concert will be a act of peace, friendship, and love between our nations," the Turkish underlined. "We plan to give such a concert in early May, on the eve of the great victory," said Turkish. "We would have been happy to have been able to participate in the concert with the wonderful French artists and friends of our country, composer Michel Legrand, the singer of the world of Mathieu," he said.

The birth of a project

According to Maestro, the project was born as part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the great victory and was first held in Moscow in 2015. After two years, it took place in the capital of Germany in the central square of Gendarmenmarkt, collecting some 20,000. Viewers. "A very warm welcome" We also met in Berlin, where we spoke this year, said Turkish. -Berliners filled the area we were speaking. "In these moments, I have been thinking about my father, Frontovike, who went through the entire war, of all our soldiers who liberated Europe from fascism."

According to the Turkish, the repertoire is now in progress. "Such a programme cannot be presented without ' Katyusha ', ' smugljanki ' or ' Dark Night '." "We also want to remember the songs of our allies who entered the musical record of Victory," the artist noted.

"In France and today, it sounds like a famous" guerrilla song "that was written by the Russian member of the anti-fascist struggle in France, Anna Marley," he stressed. In 1943, he reminded the conductor that Marley's song had official status as a resistance hymn.

"For us, this is a special and very important project, and we want these songs to also be heard in other capitals in memory of the liberation of the continent from the Nazi occupation," said Turkish. "This is an enormous response in the hearts of people, both in Russia and abroad."

Success on the Internet

He noted that the women's collective-SOPRANO, together with the artists of the Turkish choir, would take part in the concert. According to him, the soloists of SOPRANO are real servants of the profession. "A project with great potential is a collective of the future!" But now they have a tight schedule, and they collect crowds and constantly work on themselves, honing choreography, vocals, "The Maestro has shared."

A year ago, the members of the collective opened the famous "Formula One" in Sochi, and in that address, they SOPRANO in Moscow before the Russian-Argentine football match (take.) -The artists sang the hymns of the two countries were very popular with the millions of internet audiences. "The difficulty was that the Argentine anthem was an instrument without vocals, but the girls had been invented in a day, just as they did without words, and they did a great job," said Turkish.

Before the FM-2018

The Turkish reported that the two collectives were preparing a special programme for the FIFA World Cup, to be held in Russia in the summer of 2018. "We plan to speak in all the cities where the long-awaited games are to take place", said an artist.

One of the next events in the "Turkish choir" calendar and the SOPRANO speech on 14 December at the opening of the first-Channel Hockey Cup, and in two days ' time, the art band would again perform the Russian national anthem at the Russian-Canadian match.

"It is a great honour and pride for us to sing the hymn of Russia at such prestigious events," the Turkish shared. "It came into our program and it became a good tradition to end every concert on that note." "The audience likes it!" the maestro said.


Russian and foreign reviewers recognized the "Turkish choir" as a musical phenomenon of the twenty-first century. In its 25-year history, a glorified group has been on stage over 5,000. He crossed nearly 3 million kilometers on tour trips.

The key to this incredible success was the unique voice of artists and the manner in which they were executed. Today, the repertoire of the Turkish choir includes opera masterpieces and rock music and jazz compositions. The plates own more than ten languages. They have attended concerts in the UK, Germany, Israel, the United States, and dozens of other countries. Among the Russian group's musical Awards is the 2007 Award for the best album of musical classics.

The rising generation is growing and developing alongside the collective. Michael has plans to open schools of modern choral art for children. Especially as the maestro has no experience. His 12-year-old daughter, Emmanuel, already represents Russia on the international scene. The girl has a unique voice and a great love for classical music. Her talent applauded Berlin, Leipzig, Venice and Merano. We are confident that she will soon will to more than one thousand more audiences.

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