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"Turetsky choir" sang on the Cruiser "Aurora"

21 June at the Cruiser "Aurora" was an unusual day: "Turetsky choir" together with the pupils of the Nakhimov school sang on board an unofficial anthem of St. Petersburg-song "the city on the Neva" Freestyle.

25 boys in the form of nahimovcev sang the famous artists who came to St. Petersburg on the shooting of the video for "Know you". Visit to the "Aurora" with these shootings is not affiliated. on July 30, the day of the Navy, "Turetsky choir" will hold a big concert on Palace Square-"Holiday Song" (popular karaoke-the event will be held with the support of the administration of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region and under the auspices of St. Peterburskogo International Forum). He will sing with the St. Petersburg citizens and guests of favorite songs for generations. Therefore, statement on Aurora together with cadets became a kind of rehearsal for this concert.

Bad weather is not frightened neither boys nor their senior colleagues. In 11:00 am all lined up together on the upper deck and singing. At first hid under umbrellas, then you ever did without them.

-Avrora Cruiser gained its second youth, and we are thrilled to sing on it together with the pupils of the Nakhimov College, said Mikhail Turkish, founder of the "Chorus of the Turkish".

Already at the conclusion of the presentations by Mikhail Turetsky told Metro that last time was on the Cruiser "Aurora" to repair two years ago.

-Came here along with my daughters and myself telling them the story of battle ship, he said. Today, the Cruiser again at its historic place-he is the personification of their country and its history. It can be seen that the ship has changed: nachishheny deck to shine.

-And me here in the pioneers took, said Art Group soloist Igor Zverev. -I was on the Cruiser last time shortly before his departure for repairs. Going to bring here son. On some acoustics on the deck of the Cruiser it is not necessary to speak, but the landscape here is such that I don't want to leave.

After his short speech at the Aurora team members took photos amid cruisers along with costumed characters-Admiral Ushakov and Catherine the great. Now with the choir of the Nakhimov College "Turetsky choir" to sing at the Palace on July 30.

Source: Metro