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"Folk karaoke". In Irkutsk, the Turkish choir made an open-air

The real "folk karaoke" happened the day before in Irkutsk. The choir of the Turkish made a statement on the open area of Kirov Square.

The magic of the Turkish choir melted the heart of Siberians. For two hours, Kirov Square turned into one big concert venue. Hundreds of spectators sang together with the musicians well-known and loved by the people songs. Even the harsh men present here could not stand the lyric melodies. Although most of them were silent, the eyes still gave a mood:

"And the audience?"
Letter in the envelope. 

According to the organizers ' idea, this is not just a performance, but a "folk karaoke". There is no specific list of works prepared for execution. Musicians improvise. "Work" only in the directions that the viewer responds to:

"I blush, I pale, I wanted to say.

The Irkutsk Viewer has long been familiar with the Turkish choir. The group regularly arrives on tour in Baikal. However, previous performances were held in closed concert halls. People gathered so much that it is necessary to climb on fences to see the scene:

"Look what a lot of people. Everyone came as a holiday. Elegant women and men with children.

This show is part of the project of the Turkish Choir "song Festival". For three years the art group has been touring with him in the cities of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Musicians give a feast to their fans. They only act in the open air. The capital of Baikal met the choir of the Turkish affectionate sun. But it happens to artists not always.

"There's a torrential rain, and people don't go. It means energy is so powerful that people don't want to leave. They're as spellbound as hypnotized. For me, the biggest and most difficult experiment when it rains. This was the 90th anniversary of the Leningrad region,-says musician, producer of art group "Choir of Turkish" Mikhail Turkish.

The concert of the Turkish choir ended under the applause of the spectators. People for a long time did not let favorite artists from the stage.