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Concert "Turkish choir" gathered in Kremlin Palace 6 thousand. Spectators

The festive New Year concert of art-group "choir of Turkish" with sold took place on Sunday on the stage of the state Kremlin Palace. On the eve of the Catholic Christmas and the threshold of the new Year about 6 thousand. Spectators came to listen to famous winter songs. The team is famous for the combination of singing voices, that is what the founder and artistic director of the art group Mikhail Turkish has been attracting the audience for 27 years.

"We have been surprised for a long time, and today we are just bringing people a great mood," Turkish journalists said before the concert. -we have carefully designed a program that increases the degree of mood in the hall from the zero cycle, when people come tired-the end of the year, incomprehensible weather, until the new Year is a week, a lot of things. From this mood we deduce people in a state of Murashkovogo delight and a real holiday ".

According to him, the team manages to achieve this by "musical attack"-a variety of genres from classics to rock, from chanson to folklore, from musical to operetta, as well as with the help of colorful scenery, dances and musical surprises. According to Turkish, his art group is the only dancing choir in the world, so artists have to "put on scales and make choreography".

Today the choir is called record popularity-on its account up to 200 exits on a stage annually and about 3000 collected notices. The repertoire consists of hundreds of compositions. "Turkish Choir" performs works not less than in 10 languages, some of them-a capella.

Music Palette

Christmas spruce on stage, metal figures of deer, blizzard of snow flakes, models of trees, covered with silver paint, interactive screen with New Year's video-these elements of scenery from the beginning of the concert plunged viewers into the atmosphere of the advancing Holiday. The concert program, prepared by director George Novikov, began with the performance of the famous choir song-"New Year". At the same time Santa Claus came to the hall with a sack from which he took gifts for the spectators of the neighboring rows of the parterre.

The famous New Year songs of "Turkish choir"-Stile Nacht, "Ave Maria", "Three white Horses", and the composition "You are so Tender" were performed for the first time. The concert included special "Souvenirs", which were performed only on this day on the eve of the Catholic Christmas. Among them there are fragments of Catholic worship, melodies coming from Broadway scaffolding, songs in German, Spanish and Italian, famous Christmas chants, as well as a real Slavic Christmas Carol in the Belarusian language.

The coming year on the eastern calendar-the year of the dog, so the song "My Puppy" the youngest daughter of Turkish Beata sang together with the dog-Samoyed Laika, which brought on stage under the applause of the audience. This song, according to Mikhail, he sang 40 years ago, studying in the choir school. Sveshnikov. The decoration of the evening was the women's team of Turkish SOPRANO, who performed the songs "Winter", "snow-Snowball", "Aria Delilah".

Highlight of the evening

Under the accompaniment of the piano in the dress, sparkling gold and silver, the daughter of Mikhail Turkish Emmanuel performed the composition of Tchaikovsky "Lullaby". In November she performed in Leipzig at the Opera Ball, and today, at least for the eighth time, sang on the stage of the Kremlin. In a conversation with TASS, before going on stage, she told that she was worried, despite repeated rehearsals.

"Today I am experiencing very much, because I will sing a very serious work. It is difficult to sing the perfect song of such a great composer, because of this I am afraid to forget the words in the first place. I'm not even afraid of anything, except to forget the words, "-said Emmanuel. According to her, despite her experiences, performing on stage is an "incredible feeling".

The band performed the anthem of Russia at the end of the evening. Shestitysjachnyj Hall of the Kremlin Hall sang together with the collective standing. The next concert will take place on December 30 and then on February 24, 2018.

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