M.Turetsky Choir

M.TURETSKY CHOIR – the first art-group in the world under the direction of People’s Artist of Russia Mikhail Turetsky. A musical phenomenon of the XXI century, the synergy of the unique vocal possibilities of acting and the extraordinary charisma of soloists.

The group consists of 10 soloist – men with unique voices in the diapason of four and a half octaves. They are more than 29 years on stage. The best choice of songs, incredible energy, exceptional format and only live music. The artists have no boundaries repertory – from world classic to rock, from pop to opera, from jazz to folk hits.

In Russia, they are called champions of popularity: more than 7000 appearances on stage, all concerts are always sold out, 1000 musical compositions in the repertoire.

All concerts are performed only live, with the artists singing in different languages ​​(Russian, English, Italian, French, Chinese, etc.). The group sings a cappella and with instrumental accompaniment 

The group goes on annual concert tours in Russia and abroad (USA, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, Germany, Kazakhstan, China etc.), performs in prestigious concert halls, has recorded 10 albums, made a number of music videos, and has gained people’s love and respect.

This year the artists realized the phenomenal project – historic marathon UNITY SONGS. The program has become an international sensation combining the songs about peace, love and heroism in memory of the Second World War.  M.Turetsky Choir presented UNITY SONGS in 8 countries – including the U.S., Israel, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Slovenia and Belarus.