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Denis Maidan writes with “Turetsky Choir” thriller

Autumn listeners will appreciate the fruits of unexpected creative alliance. Details correspondent site “Radio Chanson” said Denis Maidan:

“During his musical life in the studio I recorded many singers, but with a chorus of men work not ever never. However, I have participated in the show “Battle of the Choirs” channel “Russia 1”, but there was a “live” performance, it differs from the studio. “Turetsky Choir” perfect world classics remixed, the collective works of many, loved by different generations, he sold out tours across the country, gathered in spring full hall “Olympic”, the chorus like a spectator, but his songs written especially for them, guys never performed. Especially – songs that would have sounded on the radio. For me, my track record with this team – a challenge to myself. As for the song itself, it is a musical thriller, made by European standards and the male-oriented group performance. While this may sound quite composition and solo. I hope that “Turetsky Choir” will appear on the radio with the song that he did not expect to. Now we continue to work in the studio. On the first day working with one o’clock until one o’clock. It was a creative search – I tried each of the ten members of the group on one or another party. Someone had to wait for his record six or more hours, and then, despite the tedious wait, to give all that capable. There is still a lot of work, but it is already clear: get something unusual. “