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Coming Soon: “Turetsky Choir” – “God’s Smile rainbow”

In the early days of 2015, at a Moscow studio recording new songs went on poems by Michael Gutseriev “Smile God rainbow.” Lyrical song performed world-renowned team of “Turetsky Choir” ten vocalists who are all male voices singing palette.

Composer Sergei Revtov created for their unique melodic work. People’s Artist of Russia Michael Turetsky noted this uniqueness. Head of the team believes that this song fits stylistically “Turetsky Choir”. “I have carefully studied the poem by Michael Gutseriev, he offered us, and noticed that it perfectly fits the music. Now our task – to bring the listener penetration of each word of the lines of the poet! ».

The song “Smile God rainbow” “Turetsky Choir” will appear on the radio station in the middle of February. Follow our news.