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City Day, Unified State Examination and Turetsky Choir: a top of Internet inquiries of Krasnoyarsk citizens in a week

Every day in the world there are many different events. They find reflection in search queries of users. Yandex looked at interests of users from Krasnoyarsk Krai from June 8 to June 14 and allocated subjects of week interest to which sharply grew in comparison with the previous period. Each of subjects is estimated on a hundred-mark scale.

  • Preparation and holding the City Day was the main subject interesting Krasnoyarsk citizens last week. As it passed, it is possible to look in our photo report, and also in the reporting from social networks in which we collected the best photos of citizens from a carnival and other festive platforms.
  • Many for a long time will remember Sunday performance of chorus of Krasnoyarsk, Turetsky  on Theatre Square — together with famous singers one song was sung also by the governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai Victor Tolokonsky.
  • Also Krasnoyarsk citizens and the Unified state examinations which are handed over now by graduates of schools across all Russia aren’t tired to be interested.