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Belarus meets “Turetsky Choir” cordially

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These ten unique male voices – from tenor-altino Mikhail Kuznetsov to bass profundo Eugene Kulmis – again shocked fans and inspire six thousandth Hall Summer Amphitheatre! On the “Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk” on July 8 famous art group “Turetsky Choir” accruing greeted with applause as the Austrian Royal Opera. And not only there.

One part of the program “Men look at love”, which came this time in Vitebsk Moscow team, was devoted exclusively to the art of opera. And thanks to the genius vocal audience easily traveled the world theater. On the festival stage sounded famous arias from “Sadko” by Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Aida” and “La Traviata” by Verdi … Costumes, splendor scene with imaginative videographic content, voice created a stunning effect in the presence of opera.

The program, which lasted two and a half hours, the artists are also pleased with the a cappella art. And this concert, but as always in the art group “Turetsky Choir” miraculously befriended a variety of genres. Each of them – the preaching of love, but what is different is the music of Verdi and the group «RAMMSTEIN», in the compositions of Freddie Mercury, “Who wants to live forever” and BG “City of Gold”! In concert team included rock, pop songs dedicated born in the USSR, in the words of Mikhail Turetsky, super-hits romantic era of socialism, as well as patriotic jazz …

As possible such stylistic mix? Possible because everything that makes art group, each of its lead singer – makes with love to the public and to their profession.

Permanent head of the art group Mikhail Turkish – as presenter – with a fantastic sense of proportion and taste to connect the unconnected. Each viewer was clear that when 10 men talk about love, without the light of bullying can not do.

The main thing is done without too much pathos. In his dialogue with the audience told Michael that he was after the recent concerts in Ukraine concerned about the progress of modern history, and after Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, as three sisters, should always be together. In Ukrainian art group performed “Mother May Ridna” and found a ready response in the audience. By the way, Michael Turkish always represents its artists, and this time, calling everyone emphasized that among them – the natives not only in Russia but also Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus.

During the concert Michael Turetsky gladly conducted hall and during the joint performance of the famous “Hope” and Pahmutova Dobronravova never ceased to admire: “You are all musicians!”

To the delight of the audience, was violated “protocol” in the evening, when Michael asked for the protection of Turkish asking: “Open the gates of heaven, let us viewers to the scene.” And the public wonders demonstrated spontaneity and inner freedom hlynuv on stage to this world’s only dancing male chorus (copyright miracles demonstrated dance steps, especially Igor Zverev). Got all great fun!

In parting sounded legendary “Bialowieza Forest” and Pahmutova Dobronravova – as a tribute to the country, where he sang “Turetsky Choir”.