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Authoritative opinion of Michael Turetsky

Michael Turetsky, founder of the art group «Turetsky Choir» and «SOPRANO Turetsky», the father of four daughters:

— Despite the dominance of gadgets, my children read with pleasure.

The main thing — interest, find a book that will talk about what occupies your child’s lead by example.

I have 4 daughters of all ages, and the house has all the books that may be of interest during the life of a woman! The eldest, Natalie, already brings year-old son Vanya. So, I think, its main book today — the psychology of parenting! (Laughs.)

Two younger daughters, Emma and Beata, like a completely different book. Emmie 9 years old, now in its arsenal series of children’s cognitive volumes: «Oceanology», «Egyptology» and «Mythology» …

Our youngest daughter Beate 5 years. While her mother is reading, but Bushi also have favorite books: «Alice in Wonderland», «Pippi Longstocking», «Live a hat.»

Source: «Komsomolskaya Pravda»