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At Birthday of Krasnoyarsk “Turetsky Choir” blew up Theatre Square

The City Day in Krasnoyarsk was given the hot! Here to you both musical fireworks, and championship on carrying wives, and show of motofristaylist … However performance “Turetsky Choir” appeared a nail of a holiday. It became nearly the most expensive gift to Birthday of Krasnoyarsk. The well-known collective literally “blew up” Theatre Square – involved thousands of people in the show.

And in some minutes I gave exclusive interview to Komsomolskaya Pravda before. The head of group Mikhail Turetsky spoke in love to Krasnoyarsk and told everything – all about secrets of the project.

Force of Russia – in Siberia!

Today, on June 13, you arrived to Krasnoyarsk on the City Day. But, as we know, you happen at us regularly. Whether there were at you favourite places here?

– Yes, in Krasnoyarsk we are frequent guests. For the last 12 years there were not less than 12 times here. And very much we love this city! For its picturesque arrangement, for the river Yenisei on which we even managed to pass once, – to Dudinka.

And still I adore your Columns. I go there always and I check myself for durability — in any weather! We come to Krasnoyarsk both in November, and in March. And I have such counter: Ded in 45 minutes reached the rock – means, you in shape. Same 7 kilometers up. Besides there improbable beauty!

By the way, I always speak: force of Russia – in Siberia. In it huge potential is put: both drinking water, and all resources, and minerals. The whole world can’t calm down that Russia (and especially Krasnoyarsk Krai) has such riches.

Besides, here surprising people, Siberians. They very much differ from those who lives in the center of Russia. At them the soul is broader, values are clearer, relationship between people is more transparent and it is more clear. Therefore when you come here, the mood is lightened at once. Siberia for us – a resort zone. It to you not Rublyovka where three birches share on four owners! And the huge country which belongs to you. And you are a person, the owner of the world. Fine!

Prospers here and cultural life. Even Ramazotti’s Eros, I look, here comes! Today, probably, all world stars happen in Krasnoyarsk. The city is very culturally developed. Also can be proud of the sights also. For example, what here the bridge through Yenisei! I like to walk on it – from BKZ on Tatyshev.

In a word, Krasnoyarsk for us is a great mood, communication with friends which there is a lot of here, and, of course, always notices.

Big national karaoke

What gift for the City Day was prepared for Krasnoyarsk citizens?

– We submit the project “Song Holiday” — with assistance of regional administration, the governor and the mayor. It is a big two-hour concert at which we execute 30-35 compositions together with Krasnoyarsk citizens. And specially we do “failures” in a sound that it was audible as all Theatre Square sings. You know, it as on a football field when the sound flies on some kilometers. Such here grandiose holiday from “Turetsky Choir” in Krasnoyarsk!


By the way, next time we will arrive on March 19, within our anniversary. This year to collective 25 years are executed. And we will bring the Best program to the Grand hall “Siberia”. Some more words about it. We chose all very best songs from the past and made of them the program – such large-scale national karaoke. And the people who came to performance sing along with us.

For the first time we arranged such (free) concert on May 9 on Poklonnaya Gora. Also collected number of the audience, record for themselves – 170 thousand people. You don’t represent, these are the singing heads – to the horizon! Adrenaline such that 48 hours after show can’t fall asleep. I think, just right to include our record in the Guinness Book of Records. Because such big chorus can’t be collected somewhere else!

Not rebeer, and event!

Interestingly, and how you choose songs for the program?

– I try all the time that the composition was not a simple perepevka that it had some sounding. For example, to us someone already executed it – Queen or Cinema group, or any actor of times of the USSR. But now it already became history.


And it is important to me to understand, whether we can our collective through this composition tell the new word. We have different singers — jazz, variety, classical or rock artists. If someone from ten guys is ready to make the song a new event, we take it in repertoire.

You can change the program for the concert course, being guided by public?

– I do it constantly. We exist in different formats, we act in different halls. At theaters with plush chairs, in Sports palaces, at stadiums. There different mood, different weather. For example, in day of a concert in Izhevsk the rain began. Then we decided to sing Igor’s song of Talc “Summer Rain”. Also worked instantly!

However, for it actors dislike me a little, after all I keep them in suspense. They should store in memory many compositions, and not only in Russian. On what I speak: repertoire at us huge, to one thousand compositions. I guarantee: today on Ingush, for example, we won’t sing the song. At first we will rehearse. But 150-200 compositions in the head should be held surely!

10 years at “machine”

Not so long ago on a domestic scene the domination of unvoiced performers was observed. Now the situation changes – the voice even more often is at the center trained. On TV even there was a show of the same name. How, in your opinion, the platform is reformatted today?

– In my opinion, all new – well forgotten old. I had a Voice ensemble when I still went in students. Simply then didn’t patent the name. I had the group of 4-5 voices. And we sang the best musical fragments – in the French, Spanish, English, Russian languages. From this collective “Turetsky Choir” was born then.

Russia was always famous for tremendous voices. Come to any karaoke, and there in an evening you will surely hear two real singers. But it isn’t enough one voice. It only tool. And the real actor begins with music education and the personality. It has to have a big repertoire, ability to communicate with the viewer, to go towards the aim, to endow itself. Here then you are an actor.

Of course, it is possible to pull out the girl or the boy from a karaoke on television. But it for a while. You know, there is such show “Dances with Stars”? You will be removed so there that you will look, as the pro. But same installation. And, to do everything it is correct, pure, ten years at the butt machine, in choreographic school are necessary. And in a different way doesn’t happen!