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As the clouds broke up the Turetsky Choir

That Vyborg Day of the Navy will perform the famous of the Turetsky Choir, it was known in advance. Before the concert, the acting governor of the Leningrad region, Alexander Drozdenko and People’s Artist of Russia Mikhail Turetsky gave interviews to journalists.

Drozdenko Alexander explained that the Navy Day is celebrated so widely in Vyborg, because it – the city of military glory, a city with a rich maritime history (one of the largest military battles of Catherine II occurred in the Gulf of Vyborg in 1790) that are not so long ago the Marine training detachment Vyborg Shipyard works whose orders are painted seven years. In short, the city deserves a gift from the government of the Leningrad region – an invitation to the feast celebrated team. Sam Mikhail Turetsky said that recently they appear in the format “live karaoke”, enabling the audience to sing along with your favorite songs. Choir celebrates its 25th anniversary, and the anniversary program “Song Festival” musicians travel to cities in Russia.

Head of the art group responded to a question about the specifics of concerts in different cities. For Vyborg festival Navy selected mainly marine theme songs, military patriotic and just loved the people: a classic of Soviet music and the best hits of pop singers. Bands as explained in Turkish, I want people to feel confident – proud of their city, country history. “Opera is not exactly suitable,” – he said.

“We are, above all, to dissolve the clouds hands” – given the weather conditions, Michael laughed. And he promised that the journalists will see how people will hide under the canopy and roofs of buildings and in unison to sing art group. It was an invitation to Alexander Drozdenko, heaped praise on the team in front of reporters, to sing with the choir, to which Alexander Yu responded enthusiastically (the karaoke!). It is, in fact, came at the invitation of Turetsky on stage and sang along with the artists “Hope – my compass of the earth.” Actually this song sounded twice. Once – with Acting Governor, where the word “hope” was replaced by “Russian”, and – at the end of speeches, no governor, where “hope” was replaced by “Vyborg”.

As for the concert, it was almost all the rain, although from time to time the rain let up. Before the stage were rows of chairs for the governor’s administrative-pool. But when the actors came on stage, the crowd of spectators with umbrellas, obsessive mania pictures, rushed to the stage, being in front of all guests. And standing behind demanded by standing in front close umbrellas. Governor poulybalsya: “Do nothing” and he began to dance with the lady under an umbrella.

In fact, no one is left indifferent Military Waltz “Farewell, rocky mountains!”. Sing along “Darkie”, “Katyusha”, “Red Poppies” Antonov “A love passed by.” There were and “White Rose”, “Tender May”. At some point Michael Turetsky promised that the rain had now stopped, and he indeed died down. He completed a magnificent musical show “Toast” – “Many years.” The head of the choir presented to the public each member of the art group.

Recall it – ten vocalists performing songs of different nations and epochs, only “live”, without a soundtrack, more than ten languages. Ten male singing voices (baritone, bass, tenor – lyric and dramatic palette) can replace the orchestra. Turetsky Michael in an interview said that in their repertoire of more than five hundred compositions. They have repeatedly toured in Europe, the United States. During foreign tours repertoire more “rigorous” includes opera and sacred music.

Today was a popular show. Sounded and the legendary “Star Called Sun” Viktor Tsoi. Different styles, genres, bringing together different generations, musical cocktail “on the waves of memory.” Although the festival was dedicated to the Navy, the not only the Turetsky Choir “Plant” the crowd, creating an atmosphere of euphoria, but also called for “to bury the war.” Musically and spiritually.