M.Turetsky Choir
Art-group number one in the world

M.Turetsky Choir is a Russian musical art group under the direction of Mikhail Turetsky that consists of 10 men with unique voices in the diapason of four and a half octaves: from the lowest voice “bass profondo” to the highest voice “countertenor” and “tenor-altino” (which are similar to female tenor voice). They succeeded to create an exceptional format of the show by combining different styles: classic music and folklore, opera and rock-jam, rock’n’roll and jazz, spirituals and pop…

The art group started performances in 1990 as a choir singing Jewish liturgical and folk music in the philharmonic halls, and in 2 years’ time it won the world fame thanks to the conductor’s talent, unique voices of soloists and exceptional format of the show. They soon became a recognizable brand: Mikhail Turetsky’s brand. You can read the detailed history of the art group here.

The program of the concert can be different depending on the place, the time and the target audience: either two hours long show with the newest technologies or a special event for a small audience but there are facts that never change: they always perform live concerts and they always make the best possible choice of songs.

M.Turetsky Choir has performed in the best сoncert halls in Russia and in the world: Albert Hall (UK), main concert halls in USA: Carnegy Hall (New York), Dolby Theater (Los Angeles), Jordan Hall (Boston), the State Kremlin Palace and the Olympisky Palace (Moscow), the Ice Palace and the Great Concert Hall (Saint Petersburg), and more than 100 concert halls in Russia, CIS and other countries.

M.Turetsky Choir combines ten soloists, each of them has serious musical background. They can perform any music composition and they are ready for any musical challenge. The artists perform only live music in 10 languages: English and Russian, French and Italian, German and Spanish, Hebrew and Yiddish, Uzbek and Chinese. They can sing with the orchestra and a cappella, as well as substitute musical instruments’ sounds by their own voices. You can read detailed information about each artist here.

M.Turetsky Choir has won all possible awards such as The Record Award from Russian Music Industry and the Golden Crown of the Cantors in USA, it was recognized as ‘The Best Cultural Event of the Year’ and as the most successful Russian music band.

The conductor of the art group, Mikhail Turetsky was awarded the National Artist of the Russian Federation in 2010. The President Dmitry Medvedev noticed a special role of this art-group in the Russian musical culture. In 2012 Mikhail Turetsky was awarded the Order of the Honor for the great contribution in the national music art’s development.

The phenomenon of M.Turetsky Choir’s success is evident – thanks to the high professionalism of its soloists, the best choice of songs, the possibility of combining all languages and all music formats. Every concert is an exceptional event and the best ever quality of the show!